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George Grantham (born Cordell, Oklahoma, 20 January 1947)[1] is a drummer and vocalist best known for his work with pioneering American country-rock band Poco.

Grantham and pedal steel guitarist sensation Rusty Young were members of a Denver-based psychedelic rock act Boenzee Cryque when Young left the band in mid-1968 for Los Angeles. There he fell in with Buffalo Springfield members Richie Furay and Jim Messina as they wrapped up that act's final album.[1]

With Buffalo Springfield disintegrated, Furay, Messina, and Young joined together to create a new band, Pogo, shortly rechristened Poco after copyright concerns forced a change.

Needing a drummer, Young recruited Grantham, who shortly became part of Poco's founding line-up. A talented singer, Grantham's backup vocals were an important element of the band's distinctive harmony sound.[1]

Grantham remained a member of various Poco line-ups through 1977, a span of ten studio albums and two live releases. He returned in 1985, and was part of four of five band incarnations before departing again 1990. Reunited once more in 2000, he suffered a debilitating stroke in 2002[1] and was unable to rejoin the band again until some vocals-only appearances in 2009.

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