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George Karra (Arabic: جورج القرا‎) (Hebrew: ג'ורג' קרא‎); born 1953 is an Israeli Arab judge. Karra is a Christian Palestinian resident of Jaffa. He has served as a Tel Aviv District Court judge since 2000. In 2011, he was nominated as a candidate for the Israeli Supreme Court.[1]


George Karra was born to a distinguished Christian family in Jaffa. He has two brothers and a sister. Karra studied at Terra Sancta primary school and Eshkolot high school in Jaffa. In 1973, he completed his law degree at Tel Aviv University. He has three daughters.[2]

Karra opened a private practice in 1975. In 1989, he was appointed to Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. After 11 years, he was promoted to Tel Aviv District Court. He was appointed a senior court judge in 2010. Karra was the judge who convicted Israeli President Moshe Katsav of rape.[3] In another high-profile case, he convicted Ofer Nimrodi of illegal wiretapping.[4]