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George Sadil is a former Russian analyst and translator who worked with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation during the height of the Cold War. After it had been revealed the ASIO had been compromised, investigations were held and after an internal audit conducted by both the ASIO and federal authorities Sadil was accused of being the mole.[1] After raids on the homes of many of their analysts and translators federal authorities found highly classified documents in Sadil's home, he was then charged with possessing classified federal documents under the Crimes Act 1914. Although in 1994 the case against him collapsed. Sadil's profile did not match that of the mole in question, and prosecutors were unable to establish any kind of money trail between Sadil and the KGB.[2] After this case it has since been revealed that Australian Intelligence agencies have increased their secrecy and security, to ensure that this does not occur again the Australian Federal Police have inserted cameras and listening devices in every conceivable part of offices of Intelligence Agency such as bathrooms, desks, chairs and walls.[3]