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George Savary Wasson (1855 – April 28, 1932) was an American novelist, painter and boat builder.

Wasson was born in Groveland, Massachusetts on August 27, 1855. His father was David Atwood Wasson, a Transcendentalist pastor.[1] He settled in Kittery Point, Maine in 1889, where he built a house. He had two sons, David Arnold (1887-1915) and Lewis Talcott (1889-1912). In 1916, Wasson moved to Bangor.[2]

Wasson wrote novels, which he illustrated. His novels captured the New England dialect used in southern Maine at the turn of the century.[3]


  • Cap’n Simeon’s Store (1903)
  • The Green Shay (1905)
  • Home from Sea (1908)
  • Sailing Days on the Penobscot (1932)


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