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George Stetson (1814–1879)

George Stetson (1814–1879) was a Christian pastor.


The first Stetsons from England arrived in the United States in 1634. George Stetson associated with Henry Grew and George Storrs in his early ministry, and even later with Jonas Wendell and Charles Taze Russell.[1] He was not only a minister, but also a school teacher, and physician. As a member of the Advent Christian Church he and Wendell worked together in several churches throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio in the early 1870s. They also wrote for George Storrs’ magazine The Herald of Life and the Coming Kingdom, and for other magazines such as The World's Crisis.

"He had been a faithful under-shepherd, ever holding before his hearers, as the great incentive to holiness and purity of life, that which filled his own soul with joy and peace and helped him to live ‘above the world’—viz: The appearing of the Heavenly Bridegroom—The King of Glory, and our gathering together unto him. Our brother was a man of marked ability, and surrendered bright prospects of worldly and political honors to be permitted to preach Christ, when the glories and beauties of the word of God dawned upon his heart. The truth cost him much, yet he bought it gladly.”[2]

For ten months during 1872 Stetson was the Pastor of the church in Pittsburgh where he met the young Charles Taze Russell. He then led the Edinboro, Pennsylvania congregation for six years until his death. His dying request was that Pastor Russell give his funeral sermon[2] where over twelve hundred attended.

During the final year of George Stetsons life he would live with Sarah and William Henry Conley of 50 Fremont Street.[3]


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