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George Woodard is an actor, musician, storyteller and dairy farmer from Vermont. He discovered acting in college and moved to Hollywood, California for six years until the pending sale of the family farm brought him home. He took over the dairy and maple syrup business from his elderly father and has been doing it ever since. His job of dairy farming mixed with his acting career got him featured in an article for Premiere Magazine.

In between milking twice a day, he finds time to be in films (Ethan Frome, My Mother's Early Lovers, The Mudge Boy, Mud Season), and TV commercials. He also created his own home grown variety show, The Ground Hog Opry, which combines Vermont-related political commentary with songs written by Woodard and other members of the cast, including Al Boright.

He had a major role in the 1994 film Time Chasers, which was later lampooned by Mystery Science Theater 3000. A running gag in the episode is Mike and the Bots comically mimicking Woodard's voice.