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Georgette Mosbacher (née Paulsin; born January 16, 1947 in Highland, Indiana) is the CEO of Borghese, a cosmetics manufacturer based in New York City, and a fundraiser for the United States Republican Party. In 1987, she purchased the high-end cosmetics firm La Prairie, served as its CEO, and sold it in 1991 to Beiersdorf. She served as national co-chairman of John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign and is co-chair of the Republican National Committee's Finance Committee.

Personal life[edit]

  • She has been married three times: Robert Muir, George Barrie [the CEO of Faberge and Brut Productions] and Robert Mosbacher who became the Secretary of Commerce under the first President Bush. She has no children.
  • Mosbacher is a graduate of Indiana University. She has been awarded honorary doctorates from the International Fine Arts College and Bryant College.
  • Her sister, the former model Lyn Paulsin, is director of public relations at Borghese.[citation needed]


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