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Georgia Durante speaking

Georgia Durante is the founder and President of Performance Two, Inc. which is one of Hollywood's most relied on stunt and precision driving companies. The expert stunt driving work of Georgia Durante and her drivers have been featured in many television commercials and movies. Georgia was born in 1950 in Rochester, New York.

Georgia is also the author of the best-selling book The Company She Keeps. It's a book that has been recognized by domestic violence prevention and recovery groups for the inspiration and motivation it provides abused women who are looking to reclaim and rebuild their lives.

Georgia Durante’s beginnings were in Upstate New York when at the age of twelve, the radiant little girl began her national modeling career. At seventeen, Georgia Durante became the "Kodak Girl" immortalized with her life-size image displayed in more than 80,000 retail stores throughout the world.

Soon the smile that launched Georgia’s modeling career masked the pain she endured from a brutal rape at the hands of her brother-in-law, her first brushes with mob violence, the birth of her daughter, and a failed marriage, all before she turned twenty.

The roller-coaster that had become Georgia Durante's life continued its downward ride as she met, fell in love with, and married Joe Lamendola, a respected businessman, but one with a dark secret and ties to the Syndicate.

Georgia Durante's retelling of the facts paints a picture of a victim hopelessly caught in a web constructed of her own emotions as well as the abuse and threats of the tyrant whose wife she had become.

Georgia made her escape from the darkness and danger in her life for something safer. She became a stunt driver. It wasn't long before Georgia founded Performance Two, which became one of the most relied on precision driving companies in Hollywood. Along the way, Georgia performed as a stunt double for stars including Cindy Crawford, Priscilla Presley and Catherine Hicks.

Today Georgia speaks to people around the country via personal and media appearances as part of her work to inspire and motivate women to escape and recover from domestic violence. Her endless work has raised the awareness of the issue with many officials and elected leaders.