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State Route 15 marker

State Route 15
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 346.0 mi[1] (556.8 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 1 / US 23 / US 301 / SR 15/ SR 4 at Florida state line, southeast of Folkston
  US 1 / US 341 / SR 4 / SR 27 in Baxley
US 1 / SR 4 / SR 29 south-southwest of Lyons
I-16 near Soperton
I-20 near Greensboro
US 129 / US 441 / SR 24 north-northwest of Watkinsville
US 29 / US 78 / SR 10 Loop in Athens
US 129 / SR 8 / SR 10 Loop in Athens
I-85 near Commerce
North end: US 23 / US 441 at the North Carolina state line north of Dillard
Counties: Charlton, Brantley, Pierce, Appling, Toombs, Montgomery, Treutlen, Emanuel, Johnson, Washington, Hancock, Greene, Oconee, Clarke, Jackson, Banks, Habersham, Rabun
Highway system

Georgia State Routes

SR 14 I-16

State Route 15 (SR 15) is a 346-mile-long (557 km) state highway that travels south-to-north across the entire length of the U.S. state of Georgia, east of its centerline. It connects the Florida state line, southeast of Folkston with the North Carolina state line, north-northeast of Dillard, via Vidalia, Sandersville, Athens, Demorest, and Clayton.

Route description[edit]

SR 15 enters Georgia just south of Folkston as a four-lane highway, along with US 1, US 23, US 301, and SR 4. Just north of Folkston, US 301 branches off to the north while the other four routes plus SR 121, head northwest. After about ten miles, State Routes 15 and 121 also branch off from US 1/US 23/SR 4, as a two-lane highway, crossing US 82/SR 520 (South Georgia Parkway) in Hoboken. The two state routes continue northwest through Blackshear, where they cross US 84. After that, the two state routes continue to stay together, heading north through the community of Bristol. Soon after, SR 121 branches off to the north while SR 15 heads northwest to rejoin US 1 and SR 4 at Baxley. North of Baxley, the three routes continue, remaining a four-lane highway all the way to the Altamaha River. Approximately ten miles past the river crossing, SR 15 branches off to the northwest again, where SR 29 begins and follows SR 15. At Vidalia, State Routes 15 and 29 turn west and follow US 280 for several miles to the community of Higgston. The two routes head north from there through the community of Tarrytown and then on to Soperton. SR 29 heads northwest of Soperton while SR 15, along with SR 78, continues north, intersecting with I-16, and goes to Adrian. The two state routes continue northwest to Wrightsville, where SR 78 departs eastward. SR 15 continues by itself through the adjacent cities of Tennille and Sandersville. Through these cites, most of SR 15 has been widened to four lanes, and it briefly picks up SR 24. North of Sandersville, SR 15 crosses the Fall Line Freeway and then heads north through the community of Warthen and onto Sparta. Through Sparta, SR 15 makes a few turns, briefly picking up SR 16 and SR 22. North of Sparta, it picks up SR 77, and continues north through White Plains and Siloam. At Siloam, SR 77 departs to the north while SR 15 continues northwest to Greensboro, passing beneath I-20, but without direct access. In Greensboro, SR 15 makes two more turns, briefly following US 278 through downtown. SR 15 continues northwest to Watkinsville, after which it joins US 441 and remain together as a mostly four-lane highway throughout the rest of their course in Georgia.

The two routes, along with several others, circle around the east side of Athens along the Athens Perimeter freeway and head north through the town of Nicholson and around the east side of Commerce via a bypass. The highways then interchange with I-85, and head between the towns of Baldwin and Cornelia, where they become a limited access freeway for a short time and rejoin US 23. The three routes remain together and head through the cities of Tallulah Falls, Clayton, and Dillard before crossing into North Carolina.

The entire length of SR 15 is included as part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2][3]


Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile km Exit Destinations Notes
Nassau   0.0 0.0 US 1 south / US 23 south / US 301 south / SR 15 south Continuation into Florida, SR 15 begins concurrent with US 1, US 23, US 301, and SR 4
Charlton Folkston SR 40 east / SR 23 south / SR 121 south (Main Street) Western terminus of SR 40, southern end of SR 23/SR 121 concurrency
SR 252 east (Love Street) Western terminus of SR 252
Homeland US 301 north / SR 23 north Northern end of US 301/SR 23 concurrency
  US 1 north / US 23 north / SR 4 north (Jacksonville Highway) Northern end of US 1/US 23/SR 4 concurrency
Brantley Hoboken US 82 / SR 520 (Main Street)
Pierce Blackshear US 84 / SR 38
SR 203 north (Strickland Avenue) Southern terminus of SR 203
Bristol SR 32
Appling   SR 121 north Northern end of SR 121 concurrency
  SR 203
Baxley US 1 south / SR 4 south (Plant Hatch Parkway) Southern end of US 1/SR 4 concurrency
US 341 / SR 27 (Parker Street)
SR 144 east (Main Street) Western terminus of SR 144
Toombs   SR 147 east (Cedar Crossing Road) Western terminus of SR 147
  SR 56
  US 1 north / SR 4 north Southern terminus of SR 29, southern end of SR 29 concurrency, northern end of US 1/SR 4 concurrency
Vidalia US 280 east (Main Street, 1st Street) / SR 30 east Eastern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency
SR 130 (Adams Street)
Montgomery Higgston US 280 west / SR 30 west Western end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency
SR 292 east Western terminus of SR 292
Treutlen Soperton US 227 south / SR 56 south (2nd Street) / SR 29 north (Main Street) Southern end of US 227/SR 56 concurrency, northern end of SR 29 concurrency
US 227 north / SR 56 north (2nd Street) / SR 78 south (Louisiana Avenue) Northern end of US 227/SR 56 concurrency, southern end of SR 78 concurrency
  I-16 / SR 404 Diamond interchange
  SR 86
No major junctions
Johnson Adrian US 80 / SR 26 (Main Street)
Wrightsville SR 57 east (College Street) Southern end of SR 57 concurrency
US 319 / SR 31 south / SR 78 north (Elm Street) Northern terminus of SR 31, northern end of SR 78 concurrency
SR 57 west (Trillby Street) Northern end of SR 57 concurrency
Washington   SR 231 north (Harrison-Riddleville Road) Southern terminus of SR 231
Tennille SR 68 south Southern end of SR 68 concurrency
SR 68 north (Adams Street) Northern end of SR 68 concurrency
  SR 102 east Western terminus of SR 102
Hancock Sparta SR 16 east (Augusta Highway) Southern end of SR 16 concurrency
SR 22 west (Broad Street) Southern end of SR 22 concurrency
  SR 16 west Northern end of SR 16 concurrency
  SR 22 east (Springfield Road) Northern end of SR 22 concurrency
  SR 77 south (Davis Road) Southern end of SR 77 concurrency
Greene Siloam To SR 77 north (Siloam Union Point Road) / I-20 Northern end of SR 77 concurrency
Greensboro US 278 east / SR 12 east / SR 44 north Eastern end of US 278/SR 12/SR 44 concurrency
SR 44 south (Main Street) Western end of SR 44 concurrency
US 278 west / SR 12 west (Broad Street) Western end of US 278/SR 12 concurrency
Oconee Watkinsville
US 441 Bus. south / SR 24 Bus. south (Macon Highway)
Southern end of SR 24 Bus. concurrency
SR 53 west (Experiment Station Road) Eastern terminus of SR 53
  US 129 south / US 441 south / SR 24 south (Watkinsville Bypass) Southern end of US 129/US 441 concurrency, northern terminus of US 441 Bus./SR 24 Bus. and SR 24
Clarke Athens 4 US 29 south / US 78 west / SR 8 west / SR 10 Loop inner (Athens Perimeter) Southern terminus of US 29/US 78 concurrency, counterclockwise end of SR 10 Loop concurrency
Partial cloverleaf interchange
6 SR 15 Alt. north (South Milledge Avenue) Southern terminus of SR 15 Alt., diamond interchange
7 College Station Road Diamond interchange
US 78 east / US 78 Bus. west / SR 10 (Oconee Street, Lexington Road)
Eastern terminus of US 78 Bus., northern end of US 78 concurrency
10A Old Hull Road Northbound exit and southbound entrance
10B US 29 north / SR 8 east Northern end of US 29/SR 8 concurrency
11 North Avenue, Danielsville Road Partial cloverleaf interchange
12 US 129 north / SR 10 Loop inner (Athens Perimeter) Northern end of US 129 concurrency, clockwise end of SR 10 Loop concurrency
Jackson   SR 334 north Southern terminus of SR 334
Nicholson SR 335 west Eastern terminus of SR 335
US 441 Bus. north / SR 334 (Elm Street)
Southern terminus of US 411 Bus.
SR 98 (Ila Road)
SR 326 (State Street)

US 441 Bus. south (Homer Road) / SR 59 north
Northern terminus of US 441 Bus., southern end of SR 59 concurrency
SR 59 south (Mt Olive Road) Northern end of SR 59 concurrency
Banks   I-85 / SR 403 Diamond interchange
  SR 164 east Southern end of SR 164 concurrency
  SR 164 west (Historic Homer Highway) Northern end of SR 164
  SR 51
  SR 198 east
  SR 105 south Southern end of SR 105 concurrency
Habersham Baldwin
US 441 Bus. north / SR 105 north (Willingham Avenue)
Southern terminus of US 441 Bus., northern end of SR 105 concurrency
  US 23 south / SR 365 south (Tommy Irwin Parkway) Southern end of US 23/SR 365 concurrency
US 441 Bus. / SR 105 / SR 385 north
Southern terminus of SR 385, folded diamond interchange
  SR 197 north Southern terminus of SR 197
  US 123 north / SR 365 north Southern terminus of US 123, northern end of SR 365 concurrency
  SR 17 (Toccoa Highway)
US 441 Bus. south / SR 385 south / SR 17 Alt. (Talmadge Drive)
Northern terminus of US 441 Bus./SR 385
Rabun Clayton US 76 east / SR 2 east (Chechero Road) Southern end of US 76/SR 2 concurrency
US 76 west / SR 2 west (Savannah Street) Northern end of US 76/SR 2 concurrency
  SR 246 east (Larry McClure Highway) Western terminus of SR 246
Macon   US 23 north / US 441 north Continuation into North Carolina, northern end of US 23/US 441 concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related route[edit]

State Route 15 Alternate
Location: AthensCommerce
Length: 31.7 mi[4] (51.0 km)

State Route 15 Alternate (SR 15 ALT) is a series of streets, roads, and highways that form a north–south-oriented route in two counties of the northeastern part of the state of Georgia. This route's southern terminus is in Athens at the intersection of US 441/SR 15 and SR 10 Loop (locally known as "The 10 Loop" or "Loop 10") and Macon Highway. This route eventually becomes Milledge Avenue, and winds by the campus of the University of Georgia. This street features stately homes and mansions, some of which house college fraternities and sororities. As SR 15 ALT leaves Athens, it overlaps US 129, where it is known as Jefferson Road. Upon entering Jefferson, SR 15 ALT splits from US 129 and becomes an independent route. Its northern terminus is north of the city of Commerce at its intersection with US 441 (sometimes referred to as the Commerce Bypass) and SR 59.

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