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State Route 166 marker

State Route 166
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Major junctions
West end: SR-46 at the Alabama state line west of Carrollton
East end: Lakewood Avenue, southeast Atlanta
Counties: Carroll, Douglas, Fulton
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
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State Route 166 (SR 166) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. It connects the Alabama state line with the city of Atlanta.

Parts of the road where slated to become Interstate 420 (I-420), until that project was cancelled.

Route description[edit]

SR 166 begins at the Alabama line west of Carrollton in Carroll County. It goes around Carrollton on a bypass route constructed in the mid-1900s. From there, SR 166 enters Douglas County where it remains mostly rural. After a short south–north concurrency with SR 92, it enters Fulton County by crossing the Chattahoochee River. Once in Fulton County, SR 166 intersects Fulton Industrial Boulevard/CascadePalmetto Highway (SR 70/SR 154). SR 154 joins SR 166 at this intersection. Campbellton Road (SR 154/SR 166) crosses Camp Creek Parkway (SR 6), entering the Sandtown community on its way to the Ben Hill community.

SR 154/SR 166 leave the Ben Hill community as Arthur B. Langford Jr. Parkway, which is a limited-access freeway that was originally named the Lakewood Freeway and was planned as Interstate 420. It continues into East Point, passing the Fort McPherson Army base. SR 154 leaves Langford Parkway at Main Street (US 29/SR 14/SR 139). After crossing the Downtown Connector (I-75/I-85), SR 166 ends into Lakewood Avenue in southeast Atlanta (Lakewood Heights).


SR 166 in Douglas County

SR 166 was originally supposed to extend (as I-420) from I-20 near Douglasville in the west to the DeKalb County seat of Decatur in the east. The eastern portion of this was fought bitterly by residents in court, and was eventually cancelled, along with a number of other interstate highways in Atlanta. The old I-420 was planned to meet the cancelled portion of SR 400 near US 23/SR 42 (Moreland Avenue), and then end at an interchange with I-20 in Decatur.

In 1995, the Georgia Senate moved to rename the then-Lakewood Freeway to the Arthur Langford, Jr. Memorial Parkway in honor of the former Atlanta City Councilman and Georgia State Senator.[1] Since 2003, GDOT has widened SR 166 between Greenbriar Parkway and Perkerson Road.

Major intersections[edit]

The entire road is in Fulton County.

Location Destinations Notes
Atlanta SR 166 west / SR 154 south (Campbellton Road) Continuation beyond I-285
I‑285Montgomery, Macon, Chattanooga, Birmingham
Greenbriar Parkway, Campbellton Road
DeLowe Drive, Stanton Road
East Point
US 29 / SR 154 north (SR 14, SR 139) – Fort McPherson, East Point East end of SR 154 overlap
Atlanta Lakewood Avenue, Sylvan Road, Cleveland Avenue
To US 19 / US 41 (Metropolitan Parkway, SR 3) / Perkerson Road, Lakewood Avenue
I‑75 / I‑85 (South Expressway) – Downtown Atlanta, Macon, Atl Airport
Lakewood Avenue At-grade intersection

Interstate 420[edit]

Interstate 420
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Interstate 420 (I-420) was an Auxiliary Interstate Highway that was planned to split off I-20 at Douglasville on the west side of the Atlanta metropolitan area, then continue southeastward to a point south of downtown Atlanta, merging at an interchange with proposed Interstate 475 and traveling northeastward with it back to I-20. The only portion of it actually built was SR 166, known as Lakewood Freeway and now, Langford Parkway. The portion west of I-285 on the west side, and east of I-75 were never built, due to public opposition from communities in its path.[citation needed] I-675 was built, however, and currently travels between I-75 near Stockbridge in Henry County to I-285 near Panthersville in DeKalb County. I-475 was later used for the bypass around Macon. If I-420 had been built, it would have had the hidden designation of State Route 414.

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