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U.S. Highway 84 marker

U.S. Highway 84
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Major junctions
West end: US-84 / SR-12 near Jakin
  I-75 / SR 401 in Valdosta
East end: I-95 / SR 405 in Sapelo Island
Highway system

Georgia State Routes

SR 37 Georgia 38.svg SR 39

U.S. Route 84 in Georgia, is also signed as State Route 38 for its entire length in Georgia. After entering Georgia from Alabama west of Jakin, Georgia, the route travels through the southern portion of the state, meeting its eastern terminus at Interstate 95 east of Midway. U.S. 84 through Georgia is also known as the Wiregrass Georgia Parkway.

Route description[edit]

After entering the state from Alabama, U.S. Route 84 travels east through Donalsonville to Bainbridge. The routes travel around the city to the south on a freeway bypass, cosigned with U.S. Route 27/State Route 1. The route continues east through Cairo to Thomasville, where it bypasses downtown to the north and east, cosigned with U.S. Route 319, then U.S. Route 19/State Route 3/State Route 300. The route then continues east to Quitman, where it becomes cosigned with U.S. Route 221 east, past its interchange with Interstate 75, to Valdosta. In Valdosta, U.S. Route 221 departs, and U.S. Route 84 continues east-northeast to Waycross, where it is briefly cosigned with U.S. Routes 1, 23, and 82. U.S. Route 84 continues northeast from Waycross, passing through Blackshear before arriving in Jesup. In Jesup, the route becomes cosigned with U.S. Routes 25 and 301 northeast to Ludowici. In Ludowici, U.S. Routes 25 and 301 depart to the northwest, and U.S. Route 84 continues northeast to Hinesville. In Hinesville, the route becomes cosigned with State Route 196, and takes a drastic turn to the east. A short distance later, State Route 196 departs, and the U.S. Route 84 (as well as State Route 38) continue east to their eastern terminus at exit 76 on Interstate 95 east of Midway.

U.S. Route 84 is a very significant route in southern Georgia. Almost all of the route sees an Average Annual Daily Traffic of 5,000 vehicles or more, and the AADT exceeds 20,000 vehicles in and around Waycross and Hinesville.[1] Because of this, most of the route is a multi-lane divided highway, especially west of Valdosta.


Formerly, U.S. Route 84 met its eastern terminus at U.S. Route 17 west of Brunswick, while U.S. Route 82 followed the present alignment of U.S. Route 84 to Midway. However, with realignment of highways near Waycross, the termini of the two routes were swapped. In addition, a segment of the route between Boston and Quitman was relocated to a more northernly routing in 1966, with the former routing being renumbered as State Route 364. State Route 364 was decommissioned in 1982.[2]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Early   US-84 west (SR-12) – Dothan
Saffold SR 370 north – Cedar Springs, GP
Jakin Pearl Street former SR 39 Spur north
Seminole Donalsonville SR 91 Alt. (Wiley Avenue) to SR 39 – Colquitt, Albany, Malone, FL, Historic Downtown
SR 39 / SR 91 (Tennille Avenue) – Historic Downtown
Iron City SR 45 north – Colquitt, Iron City
Decatur   SR 285 west to SR 39
Brinson SR 310 – Colquitt, Lake Seminole, Brinson
Bainbridge SR 253 Spur south – Marina
US 27 north (SR 1) – Colquitt, Decatur County Industrial Air Park

US 27 Bus. south / SR 1 Bus. south – Newton, Albany, Downtown Bainbridge, Historical District
interchange; west end of US 27 / SR 1 overlap
SR 253 (Spring Creek Road) interchange
SR 97 Conn. / Shotwell Street (US 84 Bus. east / SR 38 Bus. east) – Bainbridge interchange
SR 97 (Faceville Highway) / SR 309 – Fowlstown, Faceville, Chattahoochee, Quincy interchange

US 27 south (Tallahassee Highway / SR 1) / US 27 Bus. north (SR 1 Bus.)
interchange; east end of US 27 / SR 1 overlap

US 84 Bus. west / SR 38 Bus. west – Bainbridge
Climax SR 262 (Main Street) – Camilla, Pelham, Tallahassee
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

U.S. Route 84 and State Route 38 have several banner routes in Georgia. From west to east:

U.S. 84 Business/S.R. 38 Business — Bainbridge[edit]

Business plate.svg
US 84.svgGeorgia 38 Business.svg U.S. Route 84 Business/State Route 38 Business in Bainbridge follows the former routing of the mainline route through downtown, running west to east from both ends of the mainline route around town.

S.R. 38 Spur — Cairo[edit]

Georgia 38 Spur.svg State Route 38 Spur is a short west–east route in Cairo connecting the mainline in the eastern side of the city with State Routes 93 and 111 in downtown.

U.S. 84 Business/S.R. 38 Business — Thomasville[edit]

Business plate.svg
US 84.svgGeorgia 38 Business.svg U.S. Route 84 Business/State Route 38 Business in Thomasville follows the former routing of the mainline route through downtown. The route passes near the Lapham-Patterson House State Historic Site.

S.R. 38 Connector — Hinesville[edit]

Georgia 38 Connector.svg State Route 38 Connector is a short west–east route in Hinesville connecting the mainline of the route with State Route 119, which meets the mainline much further south.


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