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State Route 60 marker

State Route 60
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 90.1 mi[1] (145.0 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 124 east of Braselton
  I‑985 / US 23 / SR 365 in Gainesville
US 129 / SR 11 / SR 11 Bus. in Gainesville
US 19 / SR 115 / SR 400 south of Dahlonega

US 19 Bus. / SR 52 Bus. in Dahlonega

US 19 Bus. / SR 52 Bus. northeast of Dahlonega
US 19 / SR 9 northeast of Dahlonega
US 76 / SR 2 / SR 515 northwest of Morganton
North end: SR 5 SR 68 at the Tennessee state line in McCaysville
Counties: Jackson, Hall, Lumpkin, Union, Fannin
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 59 SR 61

State Route 60 (SR 60) is a 90.1-mile-long (145.0 km) state highway that runs southeast-to-northwest through portions of Jackson, Hall, Lumpkin, Union, and Fannin counties in the north-central part of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects the Braselton are with the McCaysville at the Tennessee state line, via Gainesville and Dahlonega.

Route description[edit]

Southern terminus to Gainesville[edit]

SR 60 begins at an intersection with SR 124 east of Braselton in Jackson County. It crosses over, but does not have an interchange with Interstate 85 (I-85) very soon after. It heads northwest and crosses into Hall County. Just after the county line, the highway intersects SR 332 (Belmont Highway), and the two routes head concurrent to the northwest. In the unincorporated community of Belmont, they meet the northern terminus of SR 211 (Tanners Mill Road). In Candler, SR 332 departs to the west on Poplar Springs Road. SR 60 continues to the northwest and enters Gainesville. At Central Park, it has an interchange with I-985/US 23/SR 365 (Lanier Parkway). This interchange also marks the southern terminus of SR 53 Connector. Just after this interchange, SR 53 Connector/SR 60 pass the Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport and the eastern terminus of the Pearl Nix Parkway before intersecting with SR 369. At this intersection, SR 53 Connector departs to the northwest on John W. Morrow, Jr. Parkway, while SR 60/SR 369 head concurrent to the northeast for a few blocks. At the intersection with US 129 Business/SR 11, SR 369 departs to the northeast, while SR 60 heads northwest, concurrent with SR 11 Business. Near City Park, the two highways split and each immediately intersects SR 60 Connector (Oak Tree Drive). Then, SR 60 crosses over the northeastern portion of Lake Lanier and passes the Chattahoochee Golf Course. Then, it meets the southern terminus of SR 283 (Mt. Vernon Road) and the eastern terminus of SR 136 (Price Road) before crossing over another part of Lake Lanier.

North of Gainesville[edit]

The road passes through Murrayville and crosses into the southern portion of Lumpkin County. Just northeast of the Chestatee River, it intersects US 19/SR 400 and SR 115 (Long Branch Road). At this intersection, SR 115 meets its southern terminus, and SR 400 meets its northern terminus. Southwest of here, US 19/SR 400 run concurrent toward Atlanta; west of here, US 19/SR 60 begin a concurrency toward Dahlonega. They curve to the northwest, entering town and bordering the western edge of the Achasta Golf Club. Just before they curve away from the golf course toward the main part of town, they cross over the Chestatee River. On the southeastern edge of the North Georgia College & State University, they intersect SR 9/SR 52 (Morrison Moore Parkway West), which join the concurrency. The four highways curve around the main part of town. At East Main Street, the southern terminus of US 19 Business/SR 52 Business intersect the concurrency. A short distance after this intersection, SR 52 departs to the east, while US 19/SR 9/SR 60 cross over Yahoola Creek on the Reverend Joseph Grizzle Bridge.[2] The highways head to the north and meet the northern terminus of US 19 Business/SR 52 Business (North Grove Street) and begin passing through the North Georgia mountains. The concurrency enters the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest before SR 60 departs from the concurrency to the northwest. It becomes a very winding route and enters Union County. Then, it passes Woody Lake and enters Suches. There, it meets the western terminus of SR 180 (Wolf Pen Gap Road). Just before leaving the county, SR 60 begins to parallel the Toccoa River. In Fannin County, it continues to parallel the river; the two are never more than 4,000 feet (1.2 km) apart. South-southeast of Margaret, SR 60 splits off and continues its northwesterly routing. In Morganton, it meets part of the former route of US 76. Northwest of town, it intersects US 76/SR 2/SR 515 (Appalachian Highway). The route continues to the northwest, through Mineral Bluff. In town, it meets the southern terminus of SR 60 Spur (Murphy Highway). A little while later, it curves to the west and parallels the Toccoa River for a second time. It continues to the west and enters McCaysville. The highway curves to the northwest to meet its northern terminus, an intersection with the northern terminus of SR 5 (Harpertown Road) at the Tennessee state line, on the northern edge of town. Here, the roadway continues as Tennessee State Route 68 (Toccoa Avenue).[1]

National Highway System[edit]

The only portion of SR 60 that is includes as part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility, is from just southeast of the interchange with I-985/US 23/SR 365 in Gainesville to just before entering Murrayville.[3][4]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Jackson   0.0 0.0 SR 124 – Braselton, Jefferson Southern terminus
Hall   5.9 9.5 SR 332 east (Belmont Highway) – Talmo Southern end of SR 332 concurrency
Belmont 7.0 11.3 SR 211 south (Tanners Mill Road) Northern terminus of SR 211
Candler 8.6 13.8 SR 332 west (Poplar Springs Road) – Oakwood Northern end of SR 332 concurrency
Gainesville 13.0 20.9 I‑985 / US 23 / SR 365 (Lanier Parkway) / SR 53 Conn. north I-985/US 23/SR 365, exit 20; southern terminus of SR 53 Connector; southern end of SR 53 Connector concurrency
15.0 24.1 SR 53 Conn. north (John W. Morrow, Jr. Parkway) / SR 369 west – Dawsonville, Cumming Northern end of SR 53 Connector concurrency; southern end of SR 369 concurrency
15.5 24.9
US 129 Bus. / SR 11 (Athens Highway/Jesse Jewell Parkway SE) / SR 11 Bus. north / SR 369 east – Jefferson, Cleveland
Northern end of SR 369 concurrency; southern end of SR 11 Business concurrency
16.5 26.6 SR 11 Bus. north (Riverside Drive) – Clermont Northern end of SR 11 Business concurrency
16.8 27.0 SR 60 Conn. east (Oak Tree Drive) Western terminus of SR 60 Connector
18.9 30.4 Unnamed bridge Crossing over Lake Lanier
  21.4 34.4 SR 283 north (Mt. Vernon Road) – Clermont Southern terminus of SR 283
  21.9 35.2 SR 136 west (Price Road) Eastern terminus of SR 136
Lumpkin   31.0 49.9 US 19 south / SR 115 north (Long Branch Road) / SR 400 south – Cumming Southern end of US 19 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 115; northern terminus of SR 400
Dahlonega 33.8 54.4 Unnamed bridge Crossing over the Chestatee River
36.1 58.1 SR 9 south / SR 52 west (Morrison Moore Parkway West) – Dawsonville, Ellijay Southern end of SR 9/SR 52 concurrency
36.8 59.2
US 19 Bus. north / SR 52 Bus. north (East Main Street)
Southern terminus of US 19 Business/SR 52 Business
37.1 59.7 SR 52 east – Clermont Northern end of SR 52 concurrency
37.6 60.5 Reverend Joseph Edward Grizzle Bridge Crossing over Yahoola Creek
  39.4 63.4
US 19 Bus. south / SR 52 Bus. south (North Grove Street)
Northern terminus of US 19 Business/SR 52 Business
Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest 44.1 71.0 US 19 north / SR 9 north Northern end of US 19 & SR 9 concurrencies
Union Suches 51.5 82.9 SR 180 east (Wolf Pen Gap Road) – Brasstown Bald Western terminus of SR 180
Fannin   79.8 128.4 US 76 / SR 2 / SR 515 (Appalachian Highway)
Mineral Bluff 81.6 131.3 SR 60 Spur north (Murphy Highway) – Murphy, North Carolina Southern terminus of SR 60 Spur
McCaysville 90.1 145.0 SR 5 south (Harpertown Road) – Blue Ridge
SR 68 north (Toccoa Avenue) – Copperhill, Ducktown
Northern terminus of SR 5 & SR 60; southern terminus of Tennessee State Route 68, at the Tennessee state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Connector route[edit]

State Route 60 Connector
Location: Gainesville
Length: 0.2 mi[5] (0.3 km)

State Route 60 Connector (SR 60 Connector) is a 0.2-mile-long (0.32 km) connector route that exists entirely within the downtown portion of Gainesville in the central part of Hall County. The entire road is known as Oak Tree Drive for its entire length.

It begins at an intersection with the SR 60 mainline (Thompson Bridge Road). It heads northeast for three blocks. Then, it heads southeast for one more block and meets its eastern terminus, an intersection with SR 11 Business (Riverside Drive).[5]

SR 60 Connector is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[3]

The entire route is in Gainesville, Hall County.

Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
0.0 0.0 SR 60 (Thompson Bridge Road) – Braselton, Dahlonega Western terminus
0.2 0.3 SR 11 Bus. (Riverside Drive) – Clermont, Talmo Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Spur route[edit]

State Route 60 Spur
Location: Rural Fannin County
Length: 7.5 mi[6] (12.1 km)

State Route 60 Spur (SR 60 Spur) is a 7.5-mile-long (12.1 km) spur route that exists entirely within the north central part of Fannin County. It is known as Murphy Highway for its entire length.

It begins at an intersection with the SR 60 mainline (Lakewood Highway) in Mineral Bluff. The highway travels northeast, through the North Georgia mountains and portions of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest until it meets its eastern terminus, the North Carolina state line, where the roadway continues as North Carolina State Highway 60, southwest of Culberson, North Carolina.[6]

SR 60 Spur is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[3]

The entire route is in Fannin County.

Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Mineral Bluff 0.0 0.0 SR 60 (Lakewood Highway) – Morganton, McCaysville Western terminus
North Carolina state line 7.5 12.1 NC 60 east – Culberson, Murphy Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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