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State Route 61 marker

State Route 61
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 107.1 mi[1] (172.4 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 166 northeast of Carrollton.
  I‑20 / US 78 / SR 8 / SR 101 in Villa Rica
US 278 / SR 6 / SR 6 Bus. / SR 120 in Dallas
US 41 / US 411 / SR 3 / SR 20 in Cartersville
I‑75 in Cartersville
US 76 / SR 282 in Ramhurst
US 76 / SR 2 / SR 52 / SR 52 Alt. in Chatsworth
North end: US 411 / SR 33 Tennessee state line at Tennga
Counties: Carroll, Douglas, Paulding, Bartow, Gordon, Murray
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 60 SR 62

State Route 61 (SR 61) is a 107.1-mile-long (172.4 km) state highway that runs south-to-north through portions of Carroll, Douglas, Paulding, Bartow, Gordon, and Murray counties in the western and northwestern parts of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects the Carrollton area with the Tennessee state line, via Dallas, Cartersville, and Chatsworth.

Route description[edit]

SR 61 begins at an intersection with SR 166, northeast of Carrollton in Carroll County. It heads north-northeast to the town of Villa Rica. There, it has an interchange with Interstate 20 (Tom Murphy Freeway). This interchange also marks the southern terminus of SR 101. SR 61/SR 101 head north concurrent, to an intersection with US 78/SR 8. At this intersection, SR 101 departs to the north, while US 78/SR 8/SR 61 head concurrent to the east. In the main part of town, SR 61 splits off to continue its north-northeast routing. The highway passes the Mirror Lake Golf Club, cuts across the northwestern corner of Douglas County, and enters Paulding County. In the town of Dallas, it intersects US 278/SR 6/SR 120 (Jimmy Campbell Parkway). The highway heads north on Nathan Dean Boulevard and meets SR 6 Business. SR 6 Business/SR 61 head concurrent to the northwest. Just under 3,000 feet (910 m) later, they meet the southern terminus of SR 381 (East Memorial Drive). Almost immediately, SR 61 departs to the north-northwest, on North Confederate Avenue. It travels through rural areas and crosses into Bartow County. It passes the Cartersville Airport and enters Cartersville. There, it intersects SR 113, which runs concurrent with it into the main part of town. Along the way, they cross over the Etowah River. Also, SR 293 joins the concurrency for a short while. At the end of the concurrency, SR 61 departs to the north, while SR 113 (East Main Street) continues to the east-northeast and SR 293 (South Tennessee Street) heads south. Then, SR 61 has an interchange with US 41/US 411/SR 3/SR 20 (Joe Frank Harris Parkway SE). At this interchange, US 411/SR 20 head concurrent with SR 61 for just over 800 feet (240 m), where SR 20 splits off to the east. US 411/SR 61 head northeast to an interchange with I-75, before leaving Cartersville. They pass through the towns of White and Rydal before intersecting SR 140, just north-northwest of Rydal. Farther to the north-northeast, the concurrency crosses into Gordon County. In the town of Fairmount is a brief concurrency with SR 53. US 411/SR 61 pass through the town of Ranger before meeting the eastern terminus of SR 156. Just before entering Murray County, the concurrency meets an old segment of US 411/SR 61 and intersect SR 138 (Nicklesville Road). Shortly after entering the county, they cross over the Coosawattee River. In the unincorporated community of Ramhurst, they intersect US 76/SR 282. At this intersection, US 76 joins the concurrency, and SR 282 meets its western terminus. US 76/US 411/SR 61 continue to the north-northwest and meet the northern part of the aforementioned stretch of old US 411/SR 61. In Chatsworth, SR 2/SR 52 (East Fort Street) join the concurrency. This intersection also marks the eastern terminus of SR 52 Alternate (West Fort Street). A few miles farther to the north, US 76/SR 52 split off to the west on G.I. Maddox Parkway, while the other three routes continue to the north-northeast. In the town of Eton is the eastern terminus of SR 286. On the way to Cisco, US 411/SR 2/SR 61 pass through Crandall. In Cisco, SR 2 departs to the west. A little ways farther to the north-northeast, they curve to the northwest, pass through the town of Tennga, and curve to the north. On the northern edge of town, they reach the Tennessee state line. Here, SR 61 ends, and US 411 crosses into Tennessee, where Tennessee State Route 33 begins.[1]

SR 61 is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Carroll   0.0 0.0 SR 166 (Bankhead Highway/Cutoff Road) – Carrollton, Atlanta Southern terminus
Villa Rica 8.4 13.5 I‑20 (Tom Murphy Freeway) / SR 101 north – Birmingham, Atlanta Southern terminus of SR 101; southern end of SR 101 concurrency
9.2 14.8 US 78 west / SR 8 west (Bankhead Highway) / SR 101 north (Industrial Boulevard) Northern end of SR 101 concurrency; southern end of US 78/SR 8 concurrency
10.4 16.7 US 78 east / SR 8 east (Bankhead Highway) Northern end of US 78/SR 8 concurrency
No major junctions
Paulding   21.4 34.4 SR 120 Conn. (Hiram Sudie Road) – Hiram
Dallas 24.5 39.4 US 278 / SR 6 / SR 120 (Jimmy Campbell Parkway) – Rockmart, Buchanan, Powder Springs, Marietta
25.3 40.7 SR 6 Bus. east (Merchants Drive) Southern end of SR 6 Business concurrency
25.9 41.7 SR 381 north (Memorial Drive) – Acworth Southern terminus of SR 381
26.3 42.3 SR 6 Bus. west (West Memorial Drive) Northern end of SR 6 Business concurrency
Bartow Cartersville 42.1 67.8 SR 113 south (Rockmart Highway) – Taylorsville Southern end of SR 113 concurrency
43.3 69.7 Unnamed bridge Crossing over the Etowah River
46.0 74.0 SR 293 north (North Bartow Street) – Kingston Southern end of SR 293 concurrency
46.4 74.7 SR 113 north / SR 293 south (South Tennessee Street) Northern end of SR 113 & SR 293 concurrencies
48.8 78.5 US 41 / US 411 south / SR 3 / SR 20 west (Joe Frank Harris Parkway SE) – Calhoun, Rome, Emerson Southern end of US 411 & SR 20 concurrencies
49.0 78.9 SR 20 east (Canton Highway) – Canton Northern end of SR 20 concurrency
52.4 84.3 I‑75 – Atlanta, Chattanooga I-75, exit 293
  60.1 96.7 SR 140 (Henry Mack Hill Road) – Adairsville, Waleska
Gordon Fairmount 67.0 107.8 SR 53 west (Calhoun Street) – Calhoun Southern end of SR 53 concurrency
67.4 108.5 SR 53 east (Fairmount Highway SE) – Jasper Northern end of SR 53 concurrency
  73.9 118.9 SR 156 west – Calhoun Eastern terminus of SR 156
  78.1 125.7 SR 136 – Resaca, Talking Rock
Murray Coosawattee River 80.2 129.1 Unnamed bridge Crossing over the Coosawattee River
Ramhurst 85.9 138.2 US 76 east / SR 282 east – Ellijay Southern end of US 76 concurrency; western terminus of SR 282
Chatsworth 91.1 146.6 SR 2 east / SR 52 east (East Fort Street) / SR 52 Alt. west (West Fort Street) Southern end of SR 2/SR 52; eastern terminus of SR 52 Alternate
92.6 149.0 US 76 west / SR 52 west (G.I. Maddox Parkway) Northern end of US 76/SR 52 concurrency
Eton 95.4 153.5 SR 286 west (Coffey Road) Eastern terminus of SR 286
Cisco 104.4 168.0 SR 2 west – Varnell, Ringgold Northern end of SR 2 concurrenccy
Tennga 107.1 172.4 US 411 north / SR 33 north Northern terminus at Tennessee state line; northern end of US 411 concurrency; southern terminus of SR-33
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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