Communist Party of Georgia (Soviet Union)

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Not to be confused with Communist Party of Georgia.

Georgian Communist Party (Georgian: საქართველოს კომუნისტური პარტია, Russian: Коммунистическая партия Грузии) was a political party in Georgia.

Georgia was incorporated into the Soviet Union as the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic after 25 February 1921 when the Red Army entered its capital Tbilisi and installed a communist government led by Georgian Bolshevik Filipp Makharadze. After the 1924 August Uprising in Georgia the country was incorporated into the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic until 1936. During its period as a Soviet Socialist Republic it was ruled by the First Secretary of the Georgian Communist Party including; Samson Mamulia, Lavrentiy Beria, Candide Charkviani, Vasil Mzhavanadze and Eduard Shevardnadze.

Its political descendant is the Communist Party of Georgia which was formed in 1992 after Georgia declared independence in April 1991.