Georgian Football Federation

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Georgian Football Federation
Association crest
Founded 1936/1990
FIFA affiliation 1992
UEFA affiliation 1992
President Domenti Sichinava

The Georgian Football Federation (GFF) (Georgian: საქართველოს ფეხბურთის ფედერაცია) was founded in 1936. It was part of the Football Federation of Soviet Union from 1936 to 1989. The Independent Georgian Football Federation was established on 15 February 1990. It is the governing body of football in Georgia. It organizes the football league, the Georgian Premier League, and the Georgia national football team. It is based in Tbilisi.

List of the Presidents of the Georgian Football Federation[edit]

Name Year
Nodar Akhalkatsi 1990-1998
Merab Zhordania 1998-2005
Nodar Akhalkatsi Jr. 2005-2007
Georgi Nemsadze 2007
Nodar Akhalkatsi Jr. 2007-2009
Domenti (Zviad) Sichinava 2009-


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