Georgian Labour Party

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Georgian Labour Party
საქართველოს ლეიბორისტული პარტია
Leader Shalva Natelashvili
Founded 1995
Ideology Social democracy[1]
Political position Centre-left[1]
International affiliation none
European affiliation none
Colours Red and dark blue
Seats in Parliament
0 / 150
Politics of Georgia
Political parties

The Georgian Labour Party (Georgian: საქართველოს ლეიბორისტული პარტია, Sakartvelos Leiboristuli Partia, SLP) is a political party in Georgia. The party is led by its founder Shalva Natelashvili.

Its main goal is to make Georgia a democratic country and eventually to become a member of the European Union. In connection to this, the party sees that many issues have to be solved to improve the situation in the country, including the development of democratic political processes.[2] The party has a socialist orientation; its platform emphasised social guarantees, including free public services and education, alongside increased state intervention to protect small businesses.[3][4]

At the legislative elections in 2004 the party won 5.8% of the popular vote but failed to obtain any seat due to the election threshold. In 2008, the European Court of Human Rights acknowledged party's rights to free elections to be violated during the 2004 elections.[5]

At the Georgian parliamentary election in 2008, the SLP received 7.4% of the popular vote and 6 out of 150 seats. The party failed to obtain any seat at the Georgian parliamentary election in 2012.


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