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Georgie Dann (born 14 January 1940), is a French singer who studied for eight years at the Conservatoire de Paris and developed his artistic career in Spain starting in the 1970s, focusing on summer hits, in addition to getting his Master's degree. He was born in Paris.

At times censured by the Franco regime and possessing (for the time) a provocative and daring look, Georgie Dann became tremendously popular with songs featuring very catchy lyrics. Year after year, in an almost systematic fashion, he was to be found on the list of top-selling artists in Spain.

During the 1960s, 70s and 80s, his songs were played on all[citation needed] the radio stations and by live bands at parties across the country.

An enormously successful artist, another group (La Banda del Capitan Canalla) decided to pay homage to him with their song "Que vuelva ya Georgie Dann" in 2003.

He has two children, Patricia and Paul, who have followed their father into the world of show business. Both of his children perform as part of Calle París.

Georgie Dann's Summer Hits[edit]

  • 1969 "Casatschok"
  • 1974 "La rana"
  • 1975 "El Bimbó"
  • 1975 "Campesino"
  • 1975 "Paloma blanca" (George Baker Selection)
  • 1977 "Mi cafetal"
  • 1977 "Eres como una paloma"
  • 1980 "Moscou"
  • 1980 "El jardín de Alá"
  • 1981 "Pole-troll"
  • 1982 "Kounbó"
  • 1985 "El africano"
  • 1986 "Macumba"
  • 1988 "El chiringuito"
  • 1989 "El baile de Mejuto"
  • 1994 "La Barbacoa"
  • 2003 "Vamos a la Pista"
  • 2004 "Dale-Dale"
  • 2007 "Mecagüentó"
  • ¿? "Colegiala"
  • ¿? "Bamboleo"
  • ¿? "La conga"

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