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In the process of drilling a borehole, geosteering is the act of adjusting the borehole position (inclination and azimuth angles) on the fly to reach one or more geological targets. These changes are based on geological information gathered while drilling.


From 2D and 3D models of underground substructures, deviated wells (2D and 3D) are planned in advance to achieve specific goals: exploration, fluids production, fluids injection or technical.

A well plan is a continuous succession of straight and curved lines representing the geometrical figure of the expected well path. A well plan is always projected on vertical and horizontal maps.

While the borehole is being drilled according to the well plan, new geological information is gathered from mud logging, measurement while drilling (MWD) and logging while drilling (LWD). These usually show some differences from what is expected from the model. As the model is continuously updated with the new geological information (formation evaluation) and the borehole position (well deviation survey), changes start to appear in the geological substructures and can lead to the well plan being updated to reach the corrected geological targets.[1]

Companies providing real time geosteering services[edit]

Baker Hughes

BHL Consulting

Chinook Consulting Services Ltd.

Columbine Logging Inc

Decollement Consulting, Inc

Diversified Well Logging

GeoSteering, LLC

Geosteering Ltd (Russia)

GeoSteering Technologies, LLC

Geotech Logging Services, LLC

Geo-Steering Solutions Inc.


Horizon Well Logging, LLC

Horizontal Solutions International, LLC

NorAm Wellsite Services, LLC

Pinson Well Logging, Inc.


Softrock Geological Services, Inc.

Terra Guidance, LLC

Trailblazer Specialties


Geosteering software[edit]

The companies that have their own internally developed software:

Baker Hughes

BHL Boresight

GeoSteering, LLC

Geosteering Office (R) (Geosteering Ltd, Russia)

Geo-Steering Solutions Inc.

GeoSteering Technologies, LLC


Horizontal Solutions International, LLC (LatNavNet)

ROGII inc. (StarSteer)


Stoner Engineering Software (SES)

Terracosm Software, LLC (WellDirect)


Mathematical Challenges in Geosteering[edit]

International Society of Geosteering[edit]

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