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Geovanny Polanco (also spelled Jhovanny, Yhovanny, Yovanny, or Jovanny, november 2, 1974) is a merengue tipico accordionist from Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Nagua, Dominican Republic.[1] He is known for his mastery of the accordion and his rivalry across the internet and in everyday life with fellow accordionist Krency Garcia, better known as El Prodigio, and also somewhat with Kerube, head of merengue band Kerubanda. He is also noted for his authentic "tipico" music, which includes a lineup of tambora, güira, accordion, congas, saxophones, and electric bass. Famous singer Krisspy also got his start in Polanco's group as a backup singer.


Born in the Dominican Republic, Geovanny Polanco wanted to be a musician as a young child, but his father condemned him from the trade. He later became interested in cockfights as a young boy, but his father disliked that even more so he gave the young Geovanny his first accordion at age fifteen. At age twenty four, in the city of Santiago, Polanco met up with musician Aureliano Guzman, who helped him form his first band, "Geovanny Polanco y su mambo swing".

Polanco's lineup has undergone many changes, and once included freelance musician Mafia Guira on güira and Chago tambora. His band still continues to change.


  • El Mambólogo (2012)
  • La Nena (2007)
  • Lindo Amanecer (2005)
  • From Santo Domingo Live! (2005)
  • Linda Morenita (2004)
  • .....De Que Tu Priva????? (2002)
  • Para Mis Amigos (1999)


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