Gerónimo Castillón y Salas

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This name uses Spanish naming customs; the first or paternal family name is Castillón and the second or maternal family name is Salas.

Gerónimo Castillón y Salas (1756–1835) was a Spanish bishop who was the last Grand Inquisitor of Spain.


Gerónimo Castillón y Salas was born in Lascellas-Ponzano on September 30, 1756, the second son of José Castillón y Campo and his wife Brígida Salas.[1] He was educated at the University of Huesca, receiving a law degree on May 15, 1776 and a degree in theology on September 9, 1779.[1]

After he was ordained as a priest, he served in Monzón, before becoming priest in his home town of Ponzano in 1795.[1] He was schoolmaster at Huesca Cathedral from 1808 to 1815.[1]

He became Bishop of Tarazona in 1815.[1] He became Grand Inquisitor of Spain in 1818, and in this capacity was the head of the Spanish Inquisition until its abolition in 1820.[1]

He died in Tarazona in 1835.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Francisco Porró y Reinado
Bishop of Tarazona
Succeeded by
Vicente Ortíz y Labastida
Preceded by
Francisco Javier Mier Campillo
Grand Inquisitor of Spain
Succeeded by
Office abolished