Geraint Jennings

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Geraint Jennings
Municipality of St Helier, Jersey
Assumed office
Dec 1996
Constituency St Helier, Jersey
Majority Unopposed
Personal details
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Residence St Helier, Jersey

Geraint Jennings is a Jersey politician and linguist.


Geraint Jennings was born in Saint Helier in 1966. He was educated at Victoria College Preparatory and Christ's Hospital. He graduated from University College, Oxford with a Master of Arts (Oxon) in Modern Languages. Further studies include a Licenciate Diploma in TESOL from Trinity College, London. He is fluent in Russian. His interests include art and illustration.


He is a teacher of Jèrriais and strongly active in the Société Jersiaise, which is a group dedicated to maintaining Jersey's language, history and culture.

Geraint created Les Pages Jèrriaises, and currently maintains them. He is the resident Jèrriais reporter for the Jersey Evening Post and Parish Matters.

In 2007, he won first place "for the best short story in Norman" at the Fête Nouormande in Bricquebec for his story entitled "La frontchièthe".[1]. He won first place again in 2008 for his story entitled "Feu et feunmée".[2]

He has worked on the translation of Lewis Carroll's story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which was published in 2012, as L'Travèrs Du Mitheux Et Chein Qu'Alice Y Dêmuchit.[1]


Jennings became politically active as a member of the Jersey Green Party though this organisation is no longer in existence and he now operates as an independent.

Parish municipality[edit]

At a local level, he has enjoyed electoral success having been elected to the Municipality of the Parish of St Helier originally in 1996 as member of the Roads Committee (re-elected 1999, 2002, 2005).

In his role as an elected member of the Municipality of St Helier has masterminded the Parish cycling strategy.

National elections[edit]

Though never elected to the national parliament, the States of Jersey, he stood for election as Deputy in a by-election in 1992 in Trinity.

He stood as Senator in 1993 on a Green Party ticket with Stuart Syvret and received 2,793 votes, then stood unsuccessfully for election to Deputy in St Helier District 3&4 (Stuart Syvret's vacant seat following the Senatorial election) in November 1993, and again in November 1996 achieving 568 votes.

He stood in a Senatorial by-election in February 1999 achieving 440 votes. In 2002 he stood in the Senatorial election, gaining 4,667 votes, and then in the 2002 Deputorial in St Helier District 3&4 he gained 486 votes.