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Gerald Burns (b. 1940 Detroit, Michigan – 1997) was an American poet, and artist.


He was educated at Harvard University, Trinity College, Dublin, and taught at Southern Methodist University and New York University. In 1975 Burns moved to Dallas, Texas. In 1994, he moved to Portland, Oregon.[1]

His papers are held at University of California, San Diego.[2]



  • Laughter in the Gallery (1966)
  • Sonnets from the Middle English
  • Boccherini's Minuet (1972)
  • The Myth of Accidence (c. 1973)
  • A Book of Spells (1975)
  • Letters to Obscure Men (1979)
  • Toward a Phenomenology of Written Aart (1979)
  • Prose (1982)
  • A Thing About Language (1989)
  • Shorter Poems. Dalkey Archive Press. 1993. ISBN 978-1-56478-026-3. 
  • Longer poems. Barnburner Press. 1994. ISBN 978-0-942829-07-5. 
  • Probability, Standing Stone Press
  • Fuzzy Dice, Standing Stone Press



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