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For the American artist, see Gerald R. Cassidy.

Gerald "Gerry" Cassidy is a prominent lobbyist in Washington, D.C. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cassidy & Associates. He is a graduate of Villanova University (B.S. 1963) and Cornell Law (J.D. 1967).[1]

Cassidy & Associates pioneered the use of congressional earmarks, used to obtain grants for university clients; Cassidy himself sat on the board of Villanova University and Boston University. Cassidy was also an aide to Sen. George McGovern and general counsel of the Democratic National Committee's Party Reform Commission.

In March 2000, Cassidy was named #52 on the Forbes "The Power 100."[2] In early 2007, he became the subject of an extensive Washington Post series, addressing details of his personal life and professional success.

Cassidy is the central figure in Robert G. Kaiser's 2009 book on lobbying, So Damn Much Money: The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government (Knopf, 2009: ISBN 0-307-26654-0).


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