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Gerald Wiegert
Gerald Wiegert with a mock-up prototype of the Vector WX-8 at the 2007 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show
Occupation Business, Engineering

Gerald Alden "Jerry" Wiegert is an inventor, entrepreneur, automobile designer, and manufacturer. Born in Detroit, Michigan he created the Vector, a high-performance sports car intended to be America's answer to European cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Wiegert also created the Aquajet personal watercraft.

The early years[edit]

Wiegert developed an interest in automobiles and aerospace. During his high school years, he won a design contest that both financed design courses in college and encouraged him to pursue engineering as a career. In 1970 he began his career in the automotive industry by working for Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors when he created Vehicle Design Force (VDF). The first car to be built by this company was called "The Vector." As is common with concept cars, the first Vector was a full size design study. Wiegert announced that the Vector would use the Wankel rotary engine and that it would be priced at $100,000. The car appeared on the cover of Motor Trend shortly after its debut, but never saw production.

Vector Motors[edit]

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Wiegert is best known for creating Vector Motors, an American exotic aerospace related auto manufacturer, and is considered to be America's first supercar. The Vector's design and appearance evolved in 1989, when the Vector W8 entered production.

Following a battle for control related to a hostile takeover, Wiegert won back the company assets, trademarks, and copyrights in the courts. Wiegert has revived the Vector brand name as of 2008 and is seeking investors for the new Vector Motors Company. Wiegert now holds all Vector assets. Wiegert has renamed his company Vector Motors and is producing a new sports car codenamed WX-8.


In the mid-1990s, Wiegert founded Aquajet, a personal watercraft company. Company literature claims that Aquajet's Jetbike models handle like "motorcycles for the water," with futuristic styling cues with the handling and feel of a motorcycle. The Jetbike has won many awards such as "Boating Week's Innovation Award Winner 2000" and "Winner of the National Marine Manufacturers Association's top product award". The Jetbike has been featured on "Beyond 2000", "The Extremists", "Planet X", "Next Step", and on "C-Net".


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