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G. E. Mitton and J. G. Scott in the early 1930s

Geraldine Edith Mitton (14 October 1868 – 25 March 1955), pen name G. E. Mitton, was an English novelist, biographer, editor, and guide-book writer.[1] She was the third wife of the colonial administrator Sir George Scott, collaborated with him on several novels set in Burma, and wrote his biography.


  • 1902 Chelsea: The Fascination of London[2]
  • 1907 A Bachelor Girl in Burma[3]
  • 1915 Cornwall

1916 " The Lost Cities of Ceylon", published John Murray, London. Reprint 1928.

Jointly with J. G. Scott:

  • 1913 In the Grip of the Wild Wa
  • 1922 The Green Moth
  • 1923 A Frontier Man
  • 1924 Under an Eastern Sky


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