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Birth name Gergana Georgieva Katsarska
Born (1984-11-30) November 30, 1984 (age 29)
Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria
Genres Pop-folk, Chalga, Balkan pop
Occupations Singer, Performer
Years active 2003-present
Labels Payner
Associated acts Anelia, Joro Rapa, Galin[disambiguation needed]

Gergana Georgieva Katsarska (born November 30, 1984 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer, often referred to as "the Barbie doll of pop-folk". Her early career (2003-2004) was marked by the runaway success of her debut single "Gubya te bavno" followed by a best-selling first album. In recent years, Gergana has seen a significant decline in popularity.

Life and career[edit]

1984–2002: Early life[edit]

Gergana was born on November 30, 1984 in Dimitrovgrad, to Lilyana and Georgi Katsarski but grew up with her grandparents in Govedartsi. She has an older sister named Lazarina. Her cousin is popular soccer player Stoyko Sakaliev. Gergana completed her secondary education at the Dimitrovgrad Music School, where she specialized in Pop Singing. On prom night, Gergana was among the selected students who performed in front of the entire class. A recording of that performance brought producer Todor Dimitrov - Tokicha's attention on Gergana and in 2003, she signed with Payner Music.

2003: First steps and greatest success[edit]

Gergana's star rises in the fall of 2003, when her first single "Gubya te bavno" ("I'm losing you slowly,Dedicated to goalkeeper CooNee") became a runaway success. Her eponymous debut album "Gubya te bavno" was released in the end of 2003 to become one of the best selling albums of 2003 and 2004 having sold over 70,000 copies. In the summer of 2004 Gergana recorded her first duet song "For you, love" with her then good friend Anelia.

2004-2005: Kakto Nikoy Drug and Sini Ochi[edit]

In late 2004, she released her second studio album "Kakto nikoy drug" ("Like no one else"), which was dedicated to her mother, who died on September 30, 2004 due to cancer. The album did very well in charts, selling over 40,000 copies in 2004. The leading single "Boli" ("It hurts") was simultaneously released in two versions (original and acoustic) with separate music videos. The song "Posledna vecher" ("Last Night") was released as a second single in the summer of 2004. In the summers of 2004 and 2005, Gergana participated in the national summer tour of Payner, "Planeta Prima". On December 16, 2005 Gergana released her third studio album called "Sini ochi" ("Blue eyes"). It sold 20,000 copies and was ranked 5th in Best-selling album of 2005 charts. The singer shot music videos for both versions of the leading song "Sini ochi", following the strategy of her second album. In Spring, Gergana released a new single, "Nyakoy den, mozhe bi" ("Perhaps someday"). In Spring 2006 Gergana shot a video to the song "Sladkata strana na neshtata" ("The sweet side of things") in the Graf Ignatievo air base. Music videos for "Do utre" ("'Til tomorrow") and "Iskam samo lyubovta ti" ("I only want your love followed. She also took part for the third time in the summer tour of Payner Music.

2006-2007: 'The sweet side of things"'[edit]

On February 14, 2007 she releases her fourth studio album "Sweet side of things," which contains 10 new songs. Just weeks after the album sold over 5,000 copies. First released song "Karma" is presented as a chat program on New Year's TV Planeta. The video was released almost simultaneously with the new album. On April 20 she releases the video of "Una pasión", the first song performed by Gergana in a foreign language, in this case Spanish. Summer of 2007, for the fourth consecutive year, she participates in the national tour of Payner Music. At the same time she released a new song "Mozhe bi tochno ti", which features new hip-hop singer Joro Rapa.

2008-present: Post-Tokicha era: New Singles[edit]

After a short break in early 2008 Gergana issued duet song "Forget", which has partnered with Joro Rapa. July 2008 she releases the video for "Go", which combines computer animation with 3D effects. Gergana for the first time not participated in the tour Payner Music, but at the expense of singing in over 20 cities as part of a tour Bulsatcom advertising. On the eve of 2009 the singer performed songs "Without You" which is a ballad and the dance song, "Can you feel?". In early 2009 released the video for "Because I love you," which was presented at the Seventh Annual Music Awards of Planeta TV. On the occasion of March 8 Gergana recorded a song dedicated to her mother, "Thank you," and premiered on Planeta TV in 15 April 2009. On 21 September 2009 she releases the video for "I Need" where she shot her boyfriend, and on December 24 she releases video for "To When". In mid-May 2010 expires on the internet song "New Love". Gergana failed to shoot video of this song, but instead, at the end of the same month the singer releases the video for the song "Let's start from the middle," which became a summer hit as fans of the show on Planet TV "Folkmaraton." On October 29, 2010 released the video for the song "Facebook", which in the words of Gernana is dedicated global network Facebook, where she meets many friends. On December 30, 2010 she releases the video for the ballad "Koyto iska da vyarva" ("Whoever wants to believe"), and on June 3, 2011 appears a new single called "Parvichen instinkt," a joint project with her friend Galin, with the video of the song. On December 20, Gergana performed her new song "Shte izdarzhish li?" ("Will you resist?") at the presentation of her colleague and friend Preslava's album "Kak ti stoi" ("Does it suit you").

On June 21, 2012, after a year-long opause she presents the video for her new single - "Miris na lyubov" ("A scent of love"). On November 26, 2012 is presented the video for the second duet with Galin - "Vkusat ostava" ("The taste remains"). In December 14, 2012 Gergana's label presents its latest compilation "The Golden Hits of Payner" with "The best of Gergana" released under #4. On February 26, 2013, Gergana performed a medley of rock remixes of her greatest hits at the 11th Annual Music Awards of Planeta TV.


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