Geriatric intensive-care unit

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Geriatric intensive care unit is a special intensive care unit dedicated to management of critically ill elderly.


Geriatric intensive care units appeared due to the fact that world population is aging. Managing Geriatrics diseases is not like managing adult or pediatrics, especially if they are critically ill. Geriatric medicine was not included in the curricula of undergraduate or advanced medical training until recently, so not all critical care physicians were oriented by the peculiarities of geriatric patients. Despite the fact that geriatric patients constitute many of the critically ill patients the training of critical care team still lacks the geriatrics giants.[1][2][3][4]

Elderly admitted to intensive care units can suffer from severe infections as MRSA of systemic fungal infections.[5] And may need special posoperative analgesia.[6] Also elderly need assessment by special instruments to predict the prognosis of ICU patients older than 75 years.[7]

World distribution[edit]

Geriatric care units are present in Japan,[8] USA, China,[9] Egypt & Europe[10] (France,[11] Italy,[12] Poland [13]).

Training & education programs[edit]

Physicians are trained in geriatric medicine & critical care medicine.[14][15][16]

Nurses receive special training in critical care of elderly in their basic training, advanced and clinical training.[17][18][19]

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