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For the mathematician, see Christian Ludwig Gerling.
Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Electronic, alternative rock
Years active 1993–2007 (on hiatus)
Labels Trifekta, Reliant, Festival Mushroom
Associated acts The E.L.F.
Members Darren Cross
Paul "Presser" Towner
Burke Reid
Past members Brad Herdson
Ben Lee

Gerling is an alternative band from Australia. Formed in 1993, the band is based in Sydney and consists of Darren Cross (guitar, vocals), Presser (real name Paul Towner, drums) and Burke Reid (guitar, vocals).


The band formed in 1993 with the line-up of Cross (guitar, vocals), Presser (drums) and Brad Herdson (guitar, vocals). With only two guitars and drums, the group initially focussed on creating experimental guitar pop, with its debut release, Sedatives For Dead Radars, being released in 1995 on Steve Pavlovic's Fellaheen label. This was followed by the mini-album, A Day of Research, in 1996.

Early 1997 saw the departure of guitarist Brad Herdson, who would go onto form Sonic Emotion Explosion with Liz Payne from Spdfgh. He was temporarily replaced by Ben Lee for their show at the Sydney Big Day Out, before a permanent replacement came in the way of Canadian Burke Reid.

February 1998 saw the band emerge from the studio with the 7" single "Bachelor Pad" on the Trifekta label. November of that year, saw the release of the album, Children of Telepathic Experiences, on Festival's in-house indie label Reliant - setup by former Au Go Go Records head, Bruce Milne. The album saw the band for the first time incorporate electronica in their music, as well as the emergence of the electronic offshoot of the band, Gerlog.

The following album, When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun, released in 2001 after delays in the light of the 9-11 attacks in the USA that year, saw the band becoming increasingly electronic, and even having success in the dance scene with single "Dust Me Selecta". The 2003 long player, Bad Blood!!!, marked a return to form as guitars returned to the mix, whilst still retaining an electronic edge.

Their latest album, entitled 4, was released on 20 March 2006. The original recording of this album was carried out in the function room of the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, before being re-recorded and mastered in Los Angeles. The album was produced by Ethan Johns, who also worked on Aha Shake Heartbreak with Kings of Leon.Turning the Screws was the iTunes featured download of the week in February 2006.

The band is currently on an indefinite hiatus following an announcement in 2007.[1]


Cross launched musical production company, Bernstein Studios (Sydney)[2] in mid-2012 and has produced bands such as surf rock band (now defunct), Betty Airs,[3][4] folk duo, Jep and Dep,[5] and his Debut E.P "Freak Out Inn III", under the name Darren Cross, was released on his Bandcamp, April 13, 2013.Darren describes himself now as "A guy usually with a 70's Japanese Martin Copy bought at a flea market singing Country/Folk Influenced by Townes Van Zandt /Waylon Jennings and Early Beck. Sleeps in Denim. Can sleep in Supermarkets if cold. No booze just the blues.".

Towner produces visual art under the moniker, "Dead Galaxy",[6] and Reid has continued a successful career in music production.[7]



Date of release Title Charted Label Country Catalog number
n.d. Disco Days - Music For Film Festival Mushroom Records Australia
1998 Children of Telepathic Experiences Reliant Records Australia
2001 When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun Festival Mushroom Records Australia
2003 Bad Blood!!! Festival Mushroom Records Australia
2006 4 Warner Music Group Australia
1996 A Day of Research Fellaheen Records Australia


Year Single Peak chart positions Album
Hot 100
1995 "Sedatives for Dead Radars Non-album single
1997 "Mother Mary"
(split 7" with Gapespeed)
1998 "Bachelor Pad" Children of Telepathic Experiences
"Death to the Apple Gerls"
1999 "Enter, Space Capsule" 57 45
"Ghost Patrol"
2000 "Enter, Space Capsule"
(Radio Disko remix)
"Children of Telepathic Experiences"
(UK only)
"Suburban Jungle Sleeping Bag"
(UK only)
"The Deer in You" When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun
2001 "Dust Me Selecta" 47 24
"Hot Computer"
"G House Project"
(featuring Kylie Minogue)
2003 "Who's Ya Daddy?" 78 Bad Blood!!!
"Get Activated"
2006 "Turning the Screws" 4


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