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Germain Doucet, Sieur de La Verdure (born around 1595 near Couperans en Brye[1] (most likely Coubron northeast of Paris), France) was a French commander in the French colony of Acadia.

Doucet's career began when he entered into an association with Charles de Menou d'Aulnay, noted seaman, captain, and future governor of Acadia. In 1632, he arrived in Acadia with the governor Isaac de Razilly. He served as master of arms of Fort Pentagouet (now Castine, Maine) as a major. After the death of d'Aulnay in 1650, Doucet became commandant serving at the French fort of Port Royal (now Annapolis Royal). Under Major General Robert Sedgwick, the English captured the fort on August 15, 1654. Under the terms of the surrender, Doucet was forced to leave Acadia for good, and returned to France. Both his sons Pierre and Germain and his daughter Marguerite stayed behind, however.[2] Pierre married, in 1660, Henriette Pelletret, by whom he had issue. Germain married Marie Landry, and Marguerite married Abraham Dugas.[3] The name of Germain's wife is uncertain, although some genealogists suggest she may have been Marie Bourgeois.[3]


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