German-speaking electoral college

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German-speaking electoral college
European Parliament constituency
German-speaking electoral college is located in European Parliament constituencies 2007
German-speaking electoral college
Location amongst the 2007 constituencies
Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft in Belgium.svg
Shown within Belgium
Created 1994
MEP(s) 1
Member State Belgium
Source(s) [1]

The German-speaking electoral college is one of three constituencies of the European Parliament in Belgium. It currently elects 1 MEP by first past the post.

This is the European Parliament's smallest constituency, with an electorate at the 2004 election of just 46,914. Since the German-speaking electoral college elects only one member, the winner is effectively chosen by the first past the post method. This makes it the only European Parliament constituency without proportional representation.


The constituency corresponds to the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

Member of the European Parliament[edit]

Election results[edit]


Party Votes  % Change Seats
Christian Social Party (CSP) 15,722 42.49 +6.02 1 0
Party for Freedom and Progress (PFF) 8,434 22.79 +3.19 0 0
Socialist Party (SP) 5,527 14.94 +3.52 0 0
Ecolo 3,880 10.49 −6.52 0 0
Party of German-speaking Belgians (PJU-PDB) 3,442 9.3 N/A 0
Total 37,005     1 0

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