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Ambassador of Germany to the United States
Formation 1817

The United States has had diplomatic relations with the nation of Germany and its predecessor nation, the Kingdom of Prussia, since 1835. These relations were broken twice (1917 to 1921, 1941 to 1955) while Germany and the United States were at war.

Ministers of the Kingdom of Prussia to the United States[edit]

Minister of the North German Confederation to the United States[edit]

  • Friedrich von Gerolt (January 24, 1868–1871)

Ministers of the German Empire to the United States[edit]

  • Kurd von Schlözer (1871–1882)
  • Carl von Eisendecher (1882–1884)
  • Friedrich Johann Graf von Alvensleben (1884–1888)
  • Ludwig, Graf von Arco-Valley (1888–1891)
  • Theodor von Holleben (1891–1893)

Ambassadors of the German Empire to the United States[edit]

Embassy of Germany in 1917

Ambassadors from the Weimar Republic to the U.S.[edit]

Ambassadors from the Third Reich to the U.S.[edit]

(diplomatic relations severed due to World War II, December 11, 1941- September 22, 1949)

Ambassadors from the Federal Republic of Germany to the U.S.[edit]

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