German School Tokyo Yokohama

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German School of Tokyo Yokohama
DSTY logo
School entrance
2-4-1 Chigasaki-Minami, Tsuzuki-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, 224-0037, Japan
Type Private, co-educational
Opened 20 September 1904 (1904-09-20)
Principal Detlef Fechner
Grades Kindergarten - 12th grade
Exterior view

The German School of Tokyo Yokohama (東京横浜独逸学園 Tōkyō Yokohama Doitsu Gakuen?) (German: Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama - DSTY) is an officially approved German school in Yokohama, Japan.


The school includes a kindergarten, a primary school, a middle school (Orientierungsstufe) and a secondary school, which ends with the Abitur graduation exam. Other possible graduations are available exluding the possibility to go to university. These are the technical secondary school certificate (Fachoberschulabschluss), the secondary school certificate (Realschulabschluss) and the secondary modern school qualification (Hauptschulabschluss). Besides the typical subjects, such as German and foreign languages, Mathematics, Natural Science, History, Geography, Sociology, Economy, Music, Arts, Religion and Sports, DSTY also offers homework supervision, a differentiated support framework, many school clubs, and school events.

For foreign languages students can choose English, Japanese, French, Latin, or take part in a Spanish school club. Swiss language and culture is also available. As the German School has students of many different countries it focuses on building the students' fluency in German to a native level through a full education program. There are several support programs for the students to improve their German skills. German language classes for adults are offered additionally by the “German Seminar” at the DSTY.

Besides the classes, the DSTY organizes various public events. The biggest are the Oktoberfest, Open Day, flea market and the Christmas market. In the summer a summer school programm, which is open for enrolled and non-enrolled children, is organized every year.

The sports teams of the German School (football, basketball and swimming) consistently take part in competitions with other international schools.


The German School of Tokyo Yokohama was established in 1904 in Yokohama. After the 1923 Kanto Earthquake many German families moved from Yokohama to Tokyo. The school opened its new building in Ōmori, Tokyo in 1934. The building suffered little damage during World War II but was impounded by the American military government as enemy property following Germany's capitulation in May 1945, so the school activity came to a standstill. American authorities returned the school's impounded property in 1951 and school activity finally could restart on December 1, 1953, with 17 students in total. In 1960 the first graduation students received their certificates. On November 27, 1967, the school's old building was replaced with a modern structure. After 1970 the student numbers rose so fast that there was not enough space. It was decided to build a new, more spacious school building in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama. The school's activities started there in September 1991 with 450 students.

The school's current buildings (erected in 1991 with a fourth floor added in 2010) are adjacent to a park and include a library, laboratories, computer rooms, outdoor playgrounds, a large gymnasium, heated indoor swimming pool, tennis fields and a soccer field (with artificial turf).


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