German Sims Woodhead

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German Sims Woodhead

Sir German Sims Woodhead, KBE (29 April 1855 – 29 December 1921) was an English pathologist, born at Huddersfield.[1][2] He studied in Huddersfield College, Edinburgh University, and in Berlin and Vienna. In 1899 he was made professor of pathology in Cambridge University.[3] At various times he was president of the Royal Medical Society, the Royal Microscopical Society, and temperance organizations. He was the first Editor of the Journal of Pathology. His works include:

  • Practical Pathology (1883)
  • Pathological Mycology (1885), with A. W. Hare
  • Bacteria and Their Products (1891)
  • Report to the Royal Commission on Tuberculosis (1895)


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