German Type Mittel U submarine

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U-Boot-Agence Rol.jpeg
Surrender of a German submarine, 20 November 1918
Class overview
Builders: AG Weser, Bremen
Germaniawerft, Kiel
Kaiserliche Werft, Danzig
Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack
Operators:  Kaiserliche Marine
Preceded by: Type U 66
Completed: 46
General characteristics
Displacement: 808 tonnes (795 long tons)(surfaced)
946 tonnes (931 long tons) (submerged)
1,160 tonnes (1,140 long tons) (total)
Length: 70.60 m (231 ft 8 in) (overall)
55.55 m (182 ft 3 in) (pressure hull)
Beam: 6.30 m (20 ft 8 in) (overall)
4.15 m (13 ft 7 in) (pressure hull)
Draught: 4.02 m (13 ft 2 in)
Propulsion: 2,400 hp (1,800 kW) (surfaced)
1,200 hp (890 kW) (submerged)
Speed: 16.8 knots (31.1 km/h; 19.3 mph) (surfaced)
9.1 knots (16.9 km/h; 10.5 mph) (submerged)
Range: 11,220 mi (9,750 nmi; 18,060 km) (surfaced) 56 mi (49 nmi; 90 km) (submerged)
Complement: 39 men
Armament: 16 torpedoes (4/2 in bow/stern tubes)
105mm deck gun with 220 rounds
88mm deck gun

Mittel U was a class of U-boats built during World War I by the Kaiserliche Marine.

Mittel U U-boats carried 16 torpedoes and had various arrangements of deck guns. Some had only one 88mm gun while others had a single 105mm gun - but most had both originally. In 1917 some of the boats were refitted with a single 105mm gun.

They carried a crew of 39 and had excellent seagoing abilities with a cruising range of around 11,220 miles. Many arrangements from the Mittel U were also seen on the World War II Type IX U-boats when their design work took place 20 years later.

Between 1915 and 1919 46 were built, amongst them U-88 with Walther Schwieger as commander and U-103 with Claus Rücker.

List of Type Mittel U submarines[edit]

There were 46 Type Mittel U submarines commissioned into the Kaiserliche Marine.

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