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The German Unix User Group (GUUG) is a registered association of German Unix users. The goal of the association is scientific research to promote technical development and communication of open systems which were initiated in particular by the operating system Unix. The association does not pursue acquisition-economical purposes. The consistent promotion of the operating system Unix led producer-independent systems to success. The support of this development was and is a goal of GUUG.

The GUUG organizes two annual conferences:

  • The "spring discussions" (FFG) addresses professional system and network administrators, Unix developers. It's basically the members conference of the GUUG.
  • The international Linux-Kongress is taking place in the autumn the largest European gathering of Linux kernel and other free software developers. The first Linux-Kongress was held 1994.

In February 2007 GUUG has started to organize the OpenSolaris Developer Conference in Berlin, together with CZOSUG the conference will be repeated in Prague, June 2008. Besides those conferences GUUG also offers for its members workshops for a variety of Unix and Open Source topics.

Within GUUG there's a sage@guug community which like the American SAGE acts as a professional association of system administrators. There are regular local meetings of sage@guug in the Rhine Main area, in the area Cologne/Bonn, in Karlsruhe, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and Hamburg. Membership of GUUG is not required to attend the meetings.

GUUG quarterly publishes the member magazine UpTimes with scientific papers about current IT topics, Unix system and network administration issues. The GUUG differentiates between promotion members (companies) and personal members. Students receive a discount.

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