Germanicopolis (Bithynia)

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Germanicopolis (Greek: Γερμανικόπολις) also Caesarea Germanica, was an ancient town in Isauria, Bithynia, on the Gelbes river,[1] not far from Prusa (modern Bursa in Turkey). In earlier times it was called Helge, Helgas or Booscoete (Βοὸς κοίτη), Plin. v. 40. Modern scholars locate the town at the village of Tahtalı (40°10′N 28°53′E / 40.167°N 28.883°E / 40.167; 28.883Coordinates: 40°10′N 28°53′E / 40.167°N 28.883°E / 40.167; 28.883).


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