Germantown High School (Philadelphia)

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Germantown High School as seen from Germantown Avenue

Germantown High School was a secondary school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Germantown High School graduated its final class on June 19th, 2013 and closed its doors that week.[1]

GHS, located in Germantown, was a part of the School District of Philadelphia. The school was built in 1914 which made it one of the oldest in the country. Its students were mostly African-American, despite the previous German population of the region. Students came from the Logan, Germantown, Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill, and Nicetown-Tioga sections of the city.

The team name was the Bears.

School uniform[edit]

GHS students were required to wear school uniforms.[2] Uniforms consisted of white button up shirts, khaki trousers and navy blue Germantown Promise Academy sweater or cardigan. Apparently uniforms came later.[citation needed]

Feeder patterns[edit]

Feeder middle schools into Germantown included Roosevelt Middle School.[3] K-8 feeder schools into Germantown included Charles W. Henry School, Henry H. Houston School, John S. Jenks School, and Anna L. Lingelbach School.[3]



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