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The Germantown Municipal School District (GMSD) is a planned municipal school district for Germantown, Tennessee in Greater Memphis.

The schools are Dogwood and Farmington elementary schools, Houston Middle School, Riverdale K-8, and Germantown Houston High School. Germantown Elementary School, Germantown Middle School, and Germantown High School remain in Shelby County Schools.[1]

The school board hired Jason Manuel, the current principal of Houston Middle School, as the district's first superintendent.[2]

Originally the district was to charge non-resident students (students not living in Germantown) $200 dollars as a tuition fee. A state representative from Collierville criticized the fee, so the Germantown school board rescinded the policy.[3] As of January 2014, officials of the GMSD and Collierville Schools are working on conditions on allowing residents of the City of Collierville who are currently attending a school in the City of Germantown, including Houston High School, to continue attending that school for a set duration.[4]


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