Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 1971

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Eurovision Song Contest 1971
Country  Germany
National selection
Selection process Ein Lied für Dublin
Selection date(s) 27 February 1971
Selected entrant Katja Ebstein
Selected song "Diese Welt"
Finals performance
Final result 3rd, 100 points
Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Germany was represented by Katja Ebstein, with the song "Diese Welt", at the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 3 April in Dublin. Ebstein was chosen internally to be the German representative, and the song was selected at the German national final, Ein Lied für Dublin, held on 27 February. This was the second of Ebstein's three appearances for Germany at Eurovision and she became the second performer, after Margot Hielscher, to represent the country in successive years.


The final was held at the TV studios in Frankfurt, hosted by Günther Schramm. Ebstein performed six songs and the winner was chosen by a 10-member jury, who each awarded between 1 and 5 points to each song.[1]

Draw Song Points Place
1 "Der Mensch lebt von der Liebe" (Man lives of love) 27 5
2 "Alle Menschen auf der Erde" (All men on earth) 37 2=
3 "Es wird wieder gescheh'n" (It will happen again) 28 4
4 "Diese Welt" (This world) 43 1
5 "Ich bin glücklich mit dir" (I am happy with you) 25 6
6 "Ich glaub' an die Liebe auf der Welt" (I believe in love on the world) 37 2=

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Ebstein performed 5th in the running order, following Switzerland and preceding Spain. Like Ebstein's 1970 entry "Wunder gibt es immer wieder", "Diese Welt" had a more contemporary feel than most of its competitors and had an effective build from a relatively quiet verse into a rousing chorus, allowing Ebstein to show her vocal range. At the close of voting, under the new system being trialled for the first time in the 1971 contest, "Diese Welt" had received 100 points, placing Germany third of the 18 entries, matching Ebstein's placing in 1970, at the time Germany's highest Eurovision finish.[2]

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