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Structure of EDTA

Gerold Karl Schwarzenbach (March 15, 1904 - May 20, 1978) was a Swiss chemist.

Schwarzenbach was born and grew up in Horgen, Switzerland. He studied chemistry at the ETH Zurich and graduated in 1928 with his dissertation Studien über die Salzbildung von Beizenfarbstoffen (Studies on the formation of pickling salt dyes). From 1930 to 1955 he was a lecturer and later professor of special inorganic and analytical chemistry at the University of Zurich. He retired in 1973.

One of his main research topics was coordination chemistry. Gerold was substantially involved in the study of EDTA and the involvement of ligands. In 1963 he was awarded the Marcel Benoist Prize.[1] In 1967 he was awarded the Torbern Bergman Medal.[2][3] In 1971 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Berne.


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