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Gerry (Outdoor gear and clothing) logo

Gerry is brand of outdoor sports clothing, specializing in cold weather garments. The company was founded by Gerald "Gerry" Cunningham in 1946 in Denver, Colorado. Through 1980, the company offered a collection of innovative and brightly-colored down garments, which sold well world-wide. But within a few years the company's products largely disappeared from the retail market.

Cunningham sold the company[1] and the Gerry brand to Amerex Group Inc., a New York based privately owned clothing manufacturer which owned several brands. In 2002, Amerex created the Gerry website [2] and announced a number of sponsorship programs.[3]

Gerald “Gerry” Arthur Cunningham, 88, died May 15, 2010, at his home in Patagonia, Arizona (born February 17, 1922).

In 2010, the Gerry brand was bought by Studio Ray, of New York City which revamped the catalog, which included their classic outerwear and accessories. In Fall 2012, Gerry began to be sold at retailers, including Macy's, Dillard's, and The Sports Authority. Gerry has its showroom in New York City.


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