Gertrude Pritzi

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Gertrude Pritzi
Full name Gertrude Pritzi
Nationality  Austria
Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Born 15 January 1920
Vienna, Austria
Died 21 October 1968(1968-10-21) (aged 48)
Vienna, Austria
Playing style Shakehand grip

Gertrude Pritzi (15 January 1920 - 21 October 1968) was a female table tennis player from Austria. From 1937 to 1953 she won several medals in singles, doubles and team events in the World Table Tennis Championships. She also won doubles and team medals in the World Table Tennis Championships.[1]

The champion of Women's Singles in 1937 was declared vacant due to time limit rule in force at the time. In 2001, it was decided to declare the two players (i.e., Gertrude Pritzi and Ruth Aarons) Co-Champions.[2]

She began her table tennis career with the association Badner AC, changed 1936 finally to post office sports association Vienna and 1945 to Austria Vienna. In 1937 and 1938 she won and became generally accepted the Austrian championship thereby against the Trude Wildam prevailing at that time.

After the annexation of Austria by Germany, she participated in the World Championships of 1939 for Nazi Germany.