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The getAbstract International Book Award is focused on non-fiction books that have made a significant impact worldwide. Each year, getAbstract's editors assess more than 10,000 English and German non-fiction books. From these, they select 10 finalists[1][2][3] and four winners.

Since 2001, getAbstract has awarded the prize to several esteemed authors, including Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Robert Shiller, Benoît Mandelbrot and Chris Anderson (writer), as well as their publishers. Every year, the official awards ceremony takes place at the Frankfurt Book Fair [4][5] in Germany and is open to the public. Since 2001 the award ceremony has been moderated by Rolf Dobelli, getAbstract’s Chairman. The award has been covered by Financial Times [6][7] Germany, Handelszeitung & The Wall Street Journal [8][9] The Boston Globe,[10] Reuters,[11] Handelsblatt,[12] Bloomberg Television,[13] and several other newspapers[14] magazines and websites,[15][16] [17][18]

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