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Developer(s) GetTaxi, Inc.
Initial release November 1, 2010; 3 years ago (2010-11-01)
Development status Active
Operating system iOS 4.3 or later; Android 2.2 or later; BlackBerry OS
Size 5.9 MB
Available in English, Russian, Hebrew
Type Travel
License Freeware
GetTaxi's Tel Aviv development center and headquarters

GetTaxi is an Israeli-based startup that develops and operates a web and a mobile-based taxi cab ordering service of the same name. The GetTaxi application connects between customers and taxi drivers using the application's proprietary GPS system and enables users to order a cab either with their smartphone or through the company's website.[1]

The application is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms and it currently operates in London, Moscow and in 13 cities in Israel.


GetTaxi was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Shahar Waiser and Roi More. Waiser came up with the idea in the summer of 2009 during a thirty-minute wait for a taxi to the airport in Palo Alto. GetTaxi was launched two years later. The service's beta version started operating in Tel Aviv during 2011 summer and on July 2011 GetTaxi was launched in London.[2]

On August 2011 GetTaxi branched out to London, and in March 2012 to Moscow.[3] [4]

Also in March 2012 GetTaxi opened their first offices in the USA in New York City in which Mashable titled GetTaxi's arrival: “This App Will Revolutionize the NYC taxi Experience".[5]

By June 2012, the company had raised $30 million, including $9 million more from British billionaire industrialist Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries Fund, to facilitate GetTaxi's entry into New York as well as other U.S. markets.

Pricing and Payments[edit]

The GetTaxi revenue model varies from country to country. It usually includes any of these three models: charging monthly dispatch fees from taxi drivers, charging a per ride fee from drivers or charging fees for corporate rides. In New York City, GetTaxi plans to add a feature for splitting taxis with other users in nearby area. [6] [7]


GetTaxi application was positively received by mobile users and technology blogs such as TechCrunch and Mashable and was often described as revolutionary service. The app was awarded the best application by Time Out Tel Aviv. Taxi drivers in Tel Aviv were welcoming to the new service, but several taxi fleets owners have prohibited drivers from using the application fearing the competition.[5] [8]

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