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Poster for Get Cracking

Get Cracking is a 1943 British comedy war film, directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Dinah Sheridan, Ronald Shiner and George Formby.[1] It was produced by Marcel Varnel and Ben Henry for Columbia (British) Productions, a subsidiary of the American studio.


This comedy explores the wayward rivalry between mechanic and Home Guard lance corporal George Singleton (George Formby) and an adversary also in the Home Guard (Ronald Shiner). When the rival Home Guard units of Major Wallop and Minor Wallop are sent on battle manoeuvres, George Singleton (Formby) launches his own unique style of commando raid against neighbouring Major Wallop to steal a Vickers machine gun. The raid fails and Singleton loses his lance corporal's stripe, so he and a little evacuee girl named Irene (Vera Frances) decide to fall back on 'Plan B' - to build their very own tank. The venture is such a success that George is made a sergeant.

As usual, Ronald Shiner's character (Everett Manley) plays a decisive role.

The film included three songs from Formby: 'Under the Blasted Oak', 'Home Guard Blues' and 'Get Cracking'.


Released on 17 May 1943 and running at 96 minutes in black and white, the film was written by L. du Garde Peach, Michael Vaughan and John L. Arthur, while the songs were written by George Formby with Fred Godfrey, Fred E. Cliffe and Eddie Latta.

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