Get Happy (song)

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"Get Happy"
Song by Ruth Etting
Writer Ted Koehler
Composer Harold Arlen

"Get Happy" is a song composed by Harold Arlen, with lyrics written by Ted Koehler. It echoes themes of a Christian evangelical revivalist meeting song.

It was the first song they wrote together, and was introduced by Ruth Etting in The Nine-Fifteen Revue in 1930.[1]

In pop culture[edit]

Influenced by the Get Happy tradition, it is most associated with Judy Garland, who performed it in her last MGM film Summer Stock (1950). An instrumental, hot jazz arrangement of the song, performed by Abe Lyman's Brunswick Recording Orchestra, served as the original theme music for Warner Bros.' Merrie Melodies cartoons in 1932. Garland sang this song with Barbra Streisand in a medley that also included "Happy Days Are Here Again" on The Judy Garland Show in 1963.[2]

The song lyrics incorporate the title phrase in the longer phrase "Come on, get happy", but it should not be confused with the Partridge Family theme song "C'mon Get Happy".

In 2010, the song has been featured as mash-up version with "Happy Days Are Here Again" in musical TV series Glee, episode "Duets", sung by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer (as their characters Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel).[3]

Notable recordings[edit]


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