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Get Motivated Seminars Inc.
Type Private
Industry self-improvement, personal development, management consulting, continuing education, entrepreneurial training
Headquarters Tampa, Florida, U.S.
Key people Peter Lowe, Tamara Lowe, Brian Forte, and Joe Johnson
Products Business Seminars
Website [no longer hosted online]

Get Motivated Seminars, Inc. was a personal training and development company founded in 2002 by Peter and Tamara Lowe, of Tampa, Florida. The company’s primary business activity was the production of business-centric seminars that attracted hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. Get Motivated Seminars featured high-profile speaker lineups that included US Presidents Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, along with business magnates, professional athletes, Olympians, entrepreneurs, and entertainers. Get Motivated and it's related assets are currently owned by Amy Wolfe.

The Battle for Control[edit]

In January 2011, Joe Johnson, a former consultant for Get Motivated Inc. was backed by Peter Lowe in the acquisition of assets from Real Investor Support LLC, which had long-standing business relationship with Get Motivated Inc. Johnson acquired the assets of Real Investor Support LLC, and created Real Estate Investor Education LLC ("REIE"), which also did business as WealthRock in June 2011. Johnson, through Booker T Equity subsequently launched a separate bid to acquire Get Motivated Seminars Inc. from the Lowes. Johnson raised $12,000,000 from Wolfe, used approximately $3,000,000 of his own capital, and Peter Lowe financed the balance of the transaction. The acquisition of Get Motivated Seminars Inc. was divisive between the Lowes; Peter welcomed the bid, whereas Tamara and her brother, Brian Forte, who was the Senior Vice President at Get Motivated Seminars LLC, launched their own efforts to thwart the bid and buy out Peter.

When Peter refused to sell the company to Tamara Lowe and Brian Forte, they formed a competing seminar company called Take Action Media, LLC. Over a period of four months, Peter Lowe and Joe Johnson coordinated efforts to stop Tamara Lowe and Brian Forte from operating seminars under the Get Motivated trademark and Take Action Media, LLC. In February 2012, Tamara Lowe and Brian Forte returned the remaining Get Motivated assets and stopped operating seminars under the Get Motivated trademark.

In the following months, Joe Johnson with Peter Lowe's assistance attempted to run Get Motivated Seminars profitably but struggled to do so. Get Motivated could not reach the number of seminar attendees that they were used to reaching prior to the hostile environment that was created in the battle for control of Get Motivated Seminars. However, in this process Wolfe teamed up with former competitor of Get Motivated and REIE, Larry Pino, who became Wolfe's attorney and planned a takeover battle for the control of the assets of the Companies.

In June 2012, Wolfe filed a lawsuit against the Companies causing public damage to the Companies and subsequent cancellation of a Get Motivated event. The following month, Wolfe's pressure continued causing even more PR and legal damage, which led the company into default on the loan payments to Wolfe. Within days of default, Wolfe filed confession of judgments on the Companies for the assets of the Companies forcing Johnson to hand over the assets of the Companies. Soon after, Wolfe with Pino's assistance, took control of the assets of both Companies that were pledged as collateral.

Later, Wolfe ended the relationship with Pino as her legal counsel, once she became suspicious that he had tried to work other deals without her knowledge and to her detriment. Wolfe then partnered with Cherif Medawar, owner of, as well as competitor to REIE. Wolfe gave Medawar an exclusive right to the database and they created a separate Florida company called Goldman Education. Shortly thereafter, Wolfe terminated her relationship with Medawar due her suspicions of Medawar's dealings. Wolfe has not been successful with either Pino or Medawar at running the businesses but still currently owns the Get Motivated assets. There is no public knowledge on what Wolfe is currently doing with those assets.