Get Scraped

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Get Scraped
Studio album by deadmau5
Released July 26, 2005 (CD version)
June 12, 2006 (download version)
Recorded 2002–05
Genre Progressive house, IDM, electronica
Length 69:41 (CD version)
66:26 (download version)
Producer Joel Zimmerman
deadmau5 chronology
Get Scraped
deadmau5 Circa 1998–2002

Get Scraped is the debut full-length album by deadmau5. It was released on the independent record label ZOOLOOK.

The album stylistically differs from deadmau5's later and more well-known progressive house sound. Many tracks feature influences from IDM, ambient, downtempo, noise pop and trip hop among others.

This album exists in two versions: a physical CD release which appeared in a limited edition of 500 copies[citation needed] in 2005, and a download release which appeared in 2006. On the latter the tracks are rearranged, and two tracks from the original CD release ("FlashTV" and "Messages from Nowhere") are omitted, while the 2006 download release features "Careless (Acoustic)" as an additional track. The 2006 download release is the most common version, whereas the 2005 CD release is rather rare. The original 2005 release can also be recognized by having the title 'Get Scraped' on its cover, as well as the logo of the record label; both of these are not on the cover for the 2006 download release. In addition to the CD version of Get Scraped, there is an even rarer CD for the Get Scraped Demo, which is limited to 100 copies. [1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by J. Zimmerman. 

CD version (2005)
No. Title Length
1. "8bit"   4:43
2. "Bored of Canada"   2:53
3. "Careless"   7:00
4. "Intelstat"   6:51
5. "FlashTV"   5:02
6. "Try Again"   3:15
7. "Edit Your Friends"   3:40
8. "I Forget"   2:41
9. "Messages from Nowhere"   5:03
10. "Overdraft"   4:31
11. "Satisfaction"   4:35
12. "Sometimes I Fail"   3:39
13. "Support"   4:13
14. "The Oshawa Connection"   3:56
15. "Unspecial Effects"   3:16
16. "Waking Up from the American Dream"   6:23
Download version (2006)
No. Title Length
1. "The Oshawa Connection"   3:55
2. "Intelstat"   6:50
3. "Careless"   6:59
4. "Unspecial Effects"   3:16
5. "Waking Up from the American Dream"   6:23
6. "I Forget"   2:41
7. "Try Again"   3:14
8. "8bit"   4:42
9. "Overdraft"   4:30
10. "Bored of Canada"   2:53
11. "Support"   4:13
12. "Edit Your Friends"   3:40
13. "Satisfaction"   4:34
14. "Sometimes I Fail"   3:38
15. "Careless (Acoustic)"   4:58

FlashTV and Messages from Nowhere[edit]

The two tracks "FlashTV" and "Messages from Nowhere" that were previously only available on the CD version of "Get Scraped" were re released in 2006 by Nicholas Da Silva. Nicholas is the owner of Zoolook Records, and included the tracks on his album, "Hitless". The two tracks remain the same, except "Messages from Nowhere" is renamed "Stealth". [2]

Additional information[edit]

  • The track title 'Bored of Canada' presumably refers to Boards of Canada, a Scottish downtempo and IDM act whom deadmau5 has pointed to as one of his influences. Deadmau5 himself is Canadian. The track itself is a short, interlude-like track that is indeed reminiscent of the Boards of Canada sound.
In addition, both versions of Get Scraped feature an error version of "Bored of Canada". The track is followed by nearly one minute of silence, and then a few seconds of the track repeating from the beginning again. The original non-error version of the track can be found on other releases such as Project 56.

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