Getter Robo Armageddon

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Getter Robo Armageddon
Getter Robo Armageddon DVD1.jpg
Japanese DVD cover art of the first volume
真(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ 世界最後の日
(Change!! Getter Robo: The Final Day of the World)
Genre Mecha
Original video animation
Directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa (ep 1-3)
Jun Kawagoe (ep 4-13)
Studio Dynamic Planning and Bandai Visual
Licensed by United States A.D. Vision
Released 1998
Episodes 13
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Getter Robo Armageddon ( 真(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ~世界最後の日 Shin (Chenji!!) Getta Robo~Sekai Saigo no Hi?), often simply referred to as Change!! Getter Robo in Japan, is an original video animation released in 1998 by Bandai Visual, based on the manga and anime series Getter Robo, created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa. The series, however, owes more to the manga than the 1970s animated adaptation, with designs closer to those of Ishikawa's original art, and a darker, more serious theme than the anime. It is a direct sequel to the audio drama 'Getter Robo: The Moon Wars', not the 1970s TV series (a common misconception).


The plot opens some time after the Moon Wars, where things for the original cast have taken a turn for the worse. the main character and pilot of Getter-1, Ryouma Nagare, has been framed for the murder of the Getter Machine builder Dr. Saotome after the death of Saotome's daughter, Michiru. However, he is released from jail and is reunited on Earth—unhappily—with his old allies, Hayato Jin (who set up then testified against Ryouma) and Musashi Tomoe, to fight none other than Dr. Saotome himself, who has seemingly risen from the grave to threaten humanity with his ultimate creation—and most dangerous weapon—Shin Getter Dragon, a massive weapon powered by the same cosmic Getter Rays which gave life to their old weapons. However, their efforts to stop Dr. Saotome, not to mention an overzealous Japanese Defense Force, are in vain, as nuclear weapons are used on Shin Dragon.

The resulting explosion and shock wave of Getter Rays wipes out 99% of the human population worldwide. Thirteen years after this catastrophe, as humanity clings desperately to life, the re-emerged extraterrestrial Invaders threaten Earth once more. The only safeguard against this alien threat is a giant robot that emerges from the wreckage of the nuclear blast—Shin Getter Robo—piloted by an artificially created human named Gou. With the help of Hayato's Super Robot Army and Gou's co-pilots Kei and Gai, Shin Getter fights to keep humanity's dreams alive.

Later, Ryouma returns piloting the Black Getter Robo to aid the new Getter team against Dr. Saotome who returns with Stinger and Corwen when Shin Getter Dragon re-activates and continues its evolution. It was also revealed that Kei was Dr. Saotome's younger daughter and Michiru's younger sister, who was adopted by Benkei. Soon the Invaders put their true plan into action by transforming Jupiter into a Getter Ray Sun and Ganymede one of its moons would soon go on a collision course with Earth, prompting both the old and new Getter teams to spring into action to save the planet.


Old Getter Team[edit]

  • Ryouma Nagare – Former leader of the Getter team and pilot of Getter-1, he was framed some time before the events of the OVA for the death of Dr. Saotome. However, when Dr. Saotome seemingly returns from the dead and threatens to start the end of the world, he is released from jail to commit the very murder he was put in jail for, which he is all too happy to do. After the nuclear explosion he seems to be disappeared, but in reality he was transported 13 years into the future, and then returned from the moon piloting the Black Getter.
  • Hayato Jin – Former member of the Getter team and pilot of Getter-2, Hayato is manipulative and seems to have ulterior motives. He was the one who framed Ryoma for murder and helped Dr. Saotome with his plan. He claims to regret helping Dr. Saotome and 13 years after the nuclear fallout, he reappears as the commander of a massive ground battleship called the Tower along with a small army of Super Robots to fight the resurfaced Invaders.
  • Musashi Tomoe – Former member of the Getter team and pilot of Getter-3. After Saotome's supposed death, he took care of Genki, Saotome's daughter. However circumstances forced him back in a Getter, where he was killed by Invaders early in the story.
  • Benkei Kuruma – In the Armageddon story Musashi and Benkei have met and are friends, he raises Genki as his own daughter (giving her the name Kei) to protect her identity after the fallout. He plays the mentor role during most of the series but eventually returns to pilot Shin Getter.

New Getter Team[edit]

  • Go Saotome – Pilot of Shin Getter-1, he is an artificial human created by Dr. Saotome in order to control Shin Dragon. After the nuclear fallout he realizes Kei as Dr. Saotome's daughter and devotes himself to protect her. He does not seem to age, as he stays exactly the same after 13 years. Although based on the character of Go Ichimonji from Ken Ishikawa's Getter Robo Go manga, the two characters bare little similarity.
  • Genki Saotome – The younger daughter of Dr. Saotome, she becomes traumatized after witnessing what truly happened to her older sister. When the nuclear bomb exploded, the trauma of everything caused her to go amnesiac, where she began life fresh as "Kei Kuruma", Benkei's tomboyish daughter. As Kei, she pilots Shin Getter-2. Genki's character is a departure from the TV series, as Genki is a boy in that series as the tag-along happy-go-lucky character. Kei is based on the character of Kei Minamikaze from the Getter Robo Go manga, but aside from their appearance and involvement with the Getter Team, they are otherwise unrelated.
  • Gai – A large but good-natured guy, he was part of Benkei's group when they ventured to the outside world after 13 years. After Benkei is injured by Invaders, he becomes pilot of Shin Getter-3. He is friends with Kei and seems to have a small crush on her. Gai is based on the character of Gai Daido from Getter Robo Go, and is probably the least different in both appearance and personality from his source character.


  • Professor Saotome – The father of Getter technology, he was supposedly killed by Hayato but mysteriously returned from the dead. He takes a departure from the traditional role by being the antagonist throughout most of the story. He holds a grudge against Ryoma and Hayato because of the death of Michiru, his daughter, and it is this grudge that starts his plans for the end of the world.
  • Mr. Stinger and Mr. Corwen – Two mysterious scientists who worked with Dr. Saotome on Getter Energy in the past. However because of their desire for evolution they have allowed Invaders into their bodies and believe the Invaders are the only ones for the Earth, and therefore the Getter Energy. Along with Dr. Saotome, they are the antagonists of the story.
  • Invaders – The amorphous creatures which were eradicated in the Moon Wars. However they seem to have resurfaced on Earth, with the intention of reaching Shin Dragon. After the nuclear explosion the Invaders have thrived and spread rapidly across the surface. Invaders have the power to possess humans, mutating them into hideous creatures, as well as survive even if reduced to tiny pieces. They can also assume any shape they want, as they are amorphous in nature. However their one weakness lies in the fact that Getter Rays cause their overevolution, destroying them with enough exposure. Their most distinctive features are their many eyeballs and protruding spikes.


  • Michiru Saotome – Dr. Saotome's oldest daughter who was killed in a Getter combining accident involving Ryouma and Hayato. Dr. Saotome believes it was on purpose and holds an intense grudge against them, which starts the events of Armageddon.
  • Professor Shikishima – A creepy and odd scientist with a deformed face, he is always beside Hayato and is extremely interested in Shin Dragon's evolution and Go.
  • Schwartz – An American Super Robot pilot in Hayato's army, he usually leads the attacks. It is implied his girlfriend was killed by Invaders in the past. He also has a hatred for the Japanese due to their hiding from the outside world, this causes him to dislike the new Getter Team. However he learns to respect the team after they save his life. He pilots the Stilva, which is a black humanoid robot capable of changing into a stealth fighter.
  • Gore and Burai – The Armageddon continuity's versions of Emperor Gore and Emperor Burai, the main antagonists from the original Getter Robo and Getter Robo G, respectively. In this setting they're cloned humans, made from Ryouma and Hayato's DNA and infused with Getter Rays, in order to control Shin Dragon. However, for unknown reasons became horrible monsters that rampage once awakened, eventually fusing into a giant monster (resembling Burai's Combined Hundred Oni Robot).


  • Getter Robo - The original Getter, it primarily appears in the first part of the OVA. Multiple Getters were produced, and they can be piloted by a single person (with the other Getter Machines on autopilot), but are not as powerful as when operated by three pilots.
    • Getter-1 - Piloted by Ryouma, this primary form is intended for flight. It possesses the same weapons as its original counterpart, gaining a pair of machineguns. In Armageddon, the Getter Wing is an actual cape, and can wrap around Getter-1 to perform a barrage attack dubbed the Spiral Getter Beam. Height: 38 meters, Weight: 220 tons.
    • Getter-2 - Piloted by Hayato, Getter-2 is designed for ground operations and excels at high speeds. Due to its brief appearance, the only attacks it is shown to have are the Drill Missile and Drill Arm. Height: 38 meters, Weight: 220 tons.
    • Getter-3 - Piloted by Musashi, Getter-3 is designed for underwater operations and is physically the strongest of Getter Robo's forms. In addition to its Getter Missiles, Getter-3 has a pair of machineguns mounted on the tank portion (the same weapons used by Jaguar, Getter-2's component machine). Height: 20 meters, Weight: 220 tons.
  • Getter Robo G - The improved version of Getter Robo, specifically created for combat (while the original was intended for space exploration). In Armageddon, unmanned, mass-produced Getter Robo Gs appear, protecting the Saotome Laboratory before separating into their component Getter Machines and fusing with many Invaders to form Shin Dragon. Though seen briefly, the three forms (Getter Dragon, Getter Liger, and Getter Poseidon) seem to possess all the same weapons as their original counterparts. Despite their large numbers, as they were unmanned, they initially proved little challenge to Ryoma's original Getter-1 until they merged into Shin Dragon. Height: 30 meters (Dragon/Liger)/20 meters (Poseidon), Weight: 330 tons
    • Metalbeast Dragon - A Metalbeast created by Invaders merging with a Getter Robo G on the nanoscopic level. It is piloted by Saotome (Dragon), Stinger (Liger) and Cohen (Poseidon) to defend Shin Dragon from the original Getter Team. The three forms are mostly identical to the original Getter G, with Liger and Poseidon's faces resembling those of their pilots; Dragon, however, loses the Spin Cutters in the forearms, but gains a powerful set of jaws underneath its moustache-like faceplate, and The faceplate itself can be thrown like a boomerang.
  • Shin Getter Robo - Professor Saotome's last creation, the strongest purely mechanical Getter ever made. Saotome intended it to protect Shin Dragon, but following the Getter Ray explosion, it becomes humanity's last line of defense against the Invaders.
    • Shin Getter-1 - Piloted by Go (and later Ryouma), Shin Getter-1 is like its precursors intended for aerial combat and is Shin Getter's most-used form. It can fire Getter Beams from its head and abdomen, wields the massive Getter Tomahawk and Getter Scythe, and can shred enemies with its Battle Wing. When the original Getter Team was in danger of getting killed by the Metalbeast Dragon, Go told the pilots to use its ultimate attack, the Stoner Sunshine, a concentrated sphere of energy which requires all three pilots to focus in unison. Height: 55 meters, Weight: 290 tons.
    • Shin Getter-2 - Piloted by Kei (and later Hayato), Shin Getter-2 focuses on extreme speed, both on the ground and in the air. Most of its attacks are based around its drill arm, including the Drill Missile and Plasma Drill Hurricane, which creates an energy-charged cyclone. Shin Getter-2 can also use its drill to tunnel underground and surprise enemies from below. Height: 55 meters, Weight: 290 tons.
    • Shin Getter-3 - Piloted by Gai (and later Benkei), Shin Getter-3 is physically the strongest Getter, though it can only operate on the ground due to its tank treads. Armed primarily with Getter Missiles in its shoulders (and a much larger launcher in its main body), Benkei uses its extensible arms to perform his mentor Musashi's trademark attack, the Daisetsuzan Oroshi judo throw. Height: 30 meters, Weight: 290 tons.
  • Black Getter - A Getter-1, left abandoned following the Moon Wars and the place where Ryouma found himself following the Getter Ray explosion. Ryouma heavily modified and repaired the machine and then flew it to Earth, the heat of atmospheric re-entry burning its body and turning its red paint black. Notable design differences include a trio of armored plates over the "mouth" to function as a cockpit hatch (the original glass window was shattered) with a very large cloth "scarf" (which coincidentally makes it look more like its pilot) which can be assumed to act as a patchwork air seal, redesigned knee armor, the removal of the sharp antennae on the domed "ears" under the head fins, the fins themselves are sharper and less flat than the original design, and the most intimidating purely aesthetic difference it gains are red "irises" and "pupils" in the "eyes" like Shin Getter's. It has the same weapons as Getter-1, It lacks a Getter Cutter on its right forearm, but it has a much larger Getter Cutter on the left arm than the original, and extending spikes on its knuckles, which perfectly suit Ryouma's violent and brutal fighting style. While they were never seen in animation, a small number of video games and toys also depict Black Getter wielding a pair of handguns (one revolver and one automatic) instead of the original's machineguns, and Black Getter is capable of storing extra ammunition for them on its right forearm. When Ryouma attempts to use its Getter Beam on Shin Dragon, the creature manages to instead absorb Black Getter's energy, rendering it inert. Height: 38 meters, Weight 245 tons.
  • Shin Dragon - The ultimate Getter, created by a massive quantity of Getter Robo Gs merging with Invaders. Shin Dragon was the centerpiece of Professor Saotome's plans, intended to protect humanity from massive threats like the Invaders. Unfortunately, the Invaders attempted to gain control of it, while humanity sought to destroy it because they weren't aware of its true purpose. Initially ground-bound, once Go gains control Shin Dragon enters its final evolution, becoming mobile.
    • Shin Dragon (Final Evolution) - Piloted by Go, this is the combat form of Shin Dragon, resembling a centaur-like creature made from Getter Dragon's torso extending from the body of a massive, serpentine dragon. In this form Shin Dragon possesses many of the same weapons as the original Getter Dragon, including the Double Tomahawk and Getter Beam, but on a completely different level. The original Getter Team eventually realizes that it also possesses the Shine Spark, which requires the combined power of Shin Getter and Shin Dragon.
    • Shin Liger - Piloted by Kei, Shin Liger is the ultimate evolution of Getter Liger. Seen only briefly in Armageddon, it possesses the Drill Hurricane as well as the Drill Missile.
    • Shin Poseidon - Piloted by Gai, Shin Poseidon is the ultimate evolution of Getter Poseidon. Seen only briefly in Armageddon, it possesses a spiked mace in place of its left hand and can perform the Getter Triple Cyclone attack (an enhanced version of Poseidon's Getter Cyclone) as well as an electrified version of the Finger Net Poseidon wielded.


As a whole, the response to this OVA was positive, thanks in large part to its distinctly retro character designs combined with high-quality animation. The effects of the OVA were long-lasting, as it led to the creation of two other Getter OVA's (Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo and New Getter Robo), as well as the revival of the Mazinger Z franchise with Mazinkaiser in 2001.

Unlike other series produced by Dynamic Planning, as Getter Robo Armageddon's setting departs with the standard setting of the Getter world (especially towards manga version) too far, Armageddon's appearance in Super Robot Wars Series is very little as other Getter Robo and Mazinger series counterparts do (Only Destiny involved its storyline, until the 2011 announcement of 2nd Super Robot Wars Z, and a Black Getter, modified to room 3 pilots, has been placed as a hidden mech in Alpha Series). However, it participated in robot action game Another Century's Episode 3: The Final instead, which differs from other Dynamic Planning's production that mostly involved in strategy, or shooting games.


  1. From Beyond the Grave (復活!!悪の要塞 早乙女研究所! Fukkatsu!! Aku no Yōsai Saotome Kenkyūsho?, Reborn!! Saotome Laboratory, the Stronghold of Evil!)
  2. Shin Dragon: God or Devil? (脅威!! 神か悪魔か真ドラゴン! Kyūi!! Kami ka Akuma ka Shin Doragon?, Menace!! Shin Dragon, God or Devil?!)
  3. Goodbye, Getters! (日本壊滅!!さらばゲッター! Nihon Kaimetsu!! Saraba Gettā!?, Japan Annihilated!! Farewell Getter!)
  4. After the Blast (激震!!荒れ狂う大地! Gekishin!! Arekuruu Daichi!?, Earthquake!! The Raging Land!)
  5. The New Generation (出撃!!新たなる戦士たち! Shutsugeki!! Aratanaru Senshi-tachi!?, Sortie!! New Warriors!)
  6. The Awful Truth (悪夢!!暴かれた真実! Akumu!! Abakareta Shinjitsu?, Nightmare!! The Truth Revealed!)
  7. Into the Dragon (決戦!!スーパーロボット軍団! Kessen!! Sūpā Robotto Gundan!?, Decisive Battle!! Super Robot Army!)
  8. Blood and Ice (死闘!!血に染まる氷原! Shitō!! Ketsu ni Somaru Hyōgen!?, Struggle to the Death!! Blood Dyed Ice Fields!)
  9. Battleground: Manhattan (謀略!!摩天楼の決闘! Hōryaku!! Matenrō no Kettō?, Stratagem!! Skyscraper Duel!)
  10. War in the Pacific (降臨!!南海を断つ邪神! Kōrin!! Nankai o Tatsu Jashin!?, Advent!! The Evil God that Cleaves the Southern Sea!)
  11. Overload! (襲来!!甦る亡者たち! Shōrai!! Yomigaeru Mōja-tachi!?, Invasion!! Resurrection of the Dead!)
  12. Help from the Stars (戦慄!!砕け散る魂! Senritsu!! Kudakechiru Tamashii!?, Tremble!! Smashed Spirits!)
  13. Evolution's End (閃光!!進化の果て! Senkō!! Shinka no Hate!?, Flash!! Evolution's End!)

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