Getting Gotti

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Getting Gotti
Directed by Roger Young
Produced by John M. Eckert
Written by James S. Henerson
Starring Lorraine Bracco
Anthony Denison
August Schellenberg
Music by Patrick Williams
Editing by Terry Blythe
Benjamin A. Weissman
Country United States USA
Language English
Original channel CBS
Release date 10 May 1994
Original airing 10 May 1994
Running time 89 min.

Getting Gotti is a 1994 TV film centered on a Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney named Diane Giacalone, and her attempts to build a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) case against John Gotti and the Gambino crime family. It was shot in Toronto, Ontario. A highly polished view of history, it ignores the multiple errors, problems, missteps, and mistakes that Giacalone made on her road to failure, including the exposure of an informant who was later executed by Gotti.


The movie starred Lorraine Bracco as Diane Giacalone and Anthony John Denison as John Gotti. And introducing Kaitlyn Anello as Angela

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